Roman Reigns: WWE mics picked up brilliant trash-talking during 2020 matches

Roman Reigns confirmed himself as the GOAT of WWE in 2020

Roman Reigns’ trash-talking during his WWE matches in 2020 and 2021 was nothing short of brilliant.

When fans were forced out of shows in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, WWE was forced to adapt and come up with creative ways to connect with their fans.

That’s why we saw more cinematic matches during the period, but Roman Reigns found his own unique way to speak directly to the fans, despite none of them being in the arena.

Roman Reigns’ brilliant trash-talking

Reigns had just turned heel as part of the emergence of his new ‘Tribal Chief’ character, and was embarking on what would go on to be the best run of his career.

Wanting to make himself stand out during the period, Roman found a new way to connect with the fans, opting to trash-talk his opponents during his matches.

Obviously, WWE had no fans in the arena at the time, so the mics that were being used were able to pick up some of Reigns’ brilliant lines, which you can see an example of below.

Video: Footage of Roman Reigns’ trash-talking during 2020 matches

Roman’s new character trait only went on to enhance his new ‘Tribal Chief’ gimmick, helping to cement him as the top star within WWE, and possibly even the entirety of wrestling.

When fans returned to WWE shows, the decision was made for Reigns to stop trash-talking as much during his match.

However, Reigns’ new character trait was so brilliant that fans often take to social media to share just how much they miss the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion doing it.

How do fans feel about Roman Reigns’ trash-talking?

As noted, fans often speak about how much they miss Roman trash-talking his opponents during their matches.

In fact, below is a selection of tweets comments on the clip of Roman’s trash-talking which resurfaced online this week, with fans clearly clamouring to see Reigns doing it again.

The latest on WWE’s plans for Roman Reigns

Roman has been in the news lately, mainly as a result of the huge plans that WWE has in store for him involving Logan Paul.

The Wrestling Observer yesterday reported that WWE is planning on having Roman face Logan at Crown Jewel on November 5.

The match is slated to take place in Saudi Arabia, with WWE calling a press conference for later on today in Las Vegas to announce the mammoth match.

You can read more about the plans that WWE has for Paul and Reigns for the remainder of 2022 as they look to feud together by clicking here.

You can watch the press conference live across all of WWE’s social media platforms at 3:30pm EST (12:30pm PST/8:30pm BST).

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