Roman Reigns: WWE star absolutely ruined vloggers at Logan Paul press conference

Roman Reigns violated Logan Paul at the WWE press conference yesterday

Roman Reigns v Logan Paul was officially announced by WWE for Crown Jewel at a press conference yesterday.

Triple H confirmed at the event in Las Vegas yesterday that the match will take place on November 5 at the big WWE Premium Live Event.

The match, which will only be the third of Logan’s entire career, will be for Reigns’ Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Logan Paul & Roman Reigns’ press conference

At the press event, Reigns and Paul, as well as Triple H and Paul Heyman, were both given the opportunity to speak to the media and fans in attendance ahead of their match in November.

The event was received well by fans online, with footage of Roman’s incredible promo on Logan, and the savage comments that he made, going viral in the hours after on social media.

Reigns’ promo was so good that it reminded fans of just how good he is on the mic, and you can watch it and find out more about what he had to say by clicking here.

However, even after the press conference had concluded, Roman continued taking shots at his next opponent while speaking to the media.

After the press conference, WWE allowed the media in attendance to have some one-on-one interview time with Roman and Logan, with footage of Reigns’ interview with Boxing Social going viral online.

Reigns, as you can see from the embedded footage below, took some serious shots at Logan and the rest of the vlogging community during his interview with the platform.

Video: Roman Reigns’ savage comments on vloggers after WWE press event

Roman said that vlogging isn’t about having “legitimate talent or skill”, but is instead about just filming all day long, adding that that’s the only talent that vloggers have.

The comments were rather savage, and as you can see from the selection of tweets below, generated a pretty vocal reaction from fans online.

How to watch Logan Paul v Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns v Logan Paul has now been officially confirmed as the main event for WWE Crown Jewel on November 5.

The big show will air from Riyadh and be WWE’s final pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia for 2022. You can watch the show live in US on Peacock, and of course in all other countries on the WWE Network.

The start time for the event hasn’t been made available by WWE just yet, but the events in Saudi Arabia usually start at around 5pm BST, which is Noon EST and 9am PST.

GiveMeSport will be able to keep you updated with all the latest news surrounding the big feud between Reigns and Paul, which is on track to being one of the biggest matches of the year for WWE.

You should also find out more about Logan’s incredible promo at the presser, where he also reminded fans of just how good he is on the mic, by clicking right here.

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