Baltimore Ravens: Devin Duvernay had epic kickoff return to start Dolphins game

Devin Duvernay return

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Devin Duvernay kicked off the Sunday schedule is style with an incredible kickoff return. 

The Baltimore Ravens are a team that are used to having explosive plays, mostly as a result of quarterback Lamar Jackson with his electric feet and cannon of an arm, but Devin Duvernay showed that he can bring the sizzle as well when he can.

The Ravens came into the week 1-0 after their Week 1 win over the New York Jets, but coming into their game against the Miami Dolphins who are 1-0 after their win over their rival New England Patriots, they needed something early to assert their dominance as they look to go 2-0 and establish themselves in the AFC North.

And Duvernay was able to do exactly that as he took the opening kickoff the other way on the opening kick of the game.

Baltimore Ravens start with a blast

Kickoffs in the NFL have started to lose their relevance in recent years, with player safety becoming more and more important, the percentage of kicks that result in touchbacks has skyrocketed over the years as the league brought the kickoff line forward from the 30-yard line to the 35-yard line ahead of the 2011 season.

And to an extent the same thing has happened with onside kicks, following changes to the rules in 2018 which limited the kicking team’s running start and making it harder for them to recover, teams have taken to some rather unique ways of trying to make them useful again.

Kickoffs are arguably one of the more exciting plays in football whenever someone brings it back for a big return, which because of the decreasing returns are becoming rarer and rarer, so you have to enjoy them when you can.

Thankfully Duvernay was able to provide exactly that in Week 2.

Duvernay the speed demon

Devin Duvernay hasn’t had a lot of success in the league so far, only having 473 receiving yards in the regular season before the start of this season, so he needs to make a splash in other areas if he’s going to stay a member of the Ravens, and it looks like special teams are going to be how he does it as he ducked and dived through a number of would-be tacklers before reaching the endzone.

Video: Baltimore Ravens receiver Devin Duvernay returns a kickoff to the endzone:

This is his second return for a touchdown, having had one in his rookie season, but when seeing how well he avoids tacklers, you might be surprised that the number is that low.

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