Tom Brady: Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB left fuming on the sidelines against the Saints

Tom Brady on the sideline

Tom Brady was visibly frustrated on the sidelines during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ trip to face the New Orleans Saints.

Tom Brady and the New Orleans Saints have been in a bit of a topsy-turvy relationship during his time in the NFL. During his time with the New England Patriots, he had managed to accrue a record of 4-1 against them, but when with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers it has been a totally different story.

The Saints are 4-0 against him during the regular season, and even though he did manage to get a response against them in the 2020 playoffs as they knocked off the #2 seed on the road on their way to winning the Super Bowl, it’s still not a great record and is something that needs to be sorted out in a division that could come down to the wire.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers got off to the perfect start last week, winning on the road against the Dallas Cowboys, and being the only team that didn’t concede a touchdown across the whole league in Week 1, but now it was their turn to have some problems.

It was a struggle from start to finish as the Saints managed to keep the Bucs’ offense out of the endzone, only putting up a field goal in the first three quarters and Brady was far from happy with what he was seeing.

Whilst on the sideline, Brady slammed down the tablet that the players use to look back over previous plays:

Video: Tom Brady slams a tablet on the sideline:

When you’re the G.O.A.T when it comes to the sport and you can’t make anything happen on your side of the ball, then you need to take your frustration out on something, whether or not an expensive and important bit of equipment is the way to do it, we’re not so sure.

At least he’s getting paid enough that he can afford to cover a new one.

And of course this isn’t the first time that Brady has had to take his anger out on the sideline on a tablet, as pointed out by journalist Kyle Bruger, when the Bucs played the Saints in 2021, he had a similar frustration about their performance and did exactly the same thing.

Video: Tom Brady smashes another tablet against the Saints

All we can say at this point, is if you’re in charge of the tablets on the sideline when the Bucs play the Saints later on in the season, just make sure you have all the relevant protection on it, otherwise another one could bite the dust if the Bucs aren’t rolling on offense.

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