Toto Wolff hoping for Porsche F1 involvement despite Red Bull talks ending

Toto Wolff

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says he hopes big brands like Porsche will get involved in F1, despite their talks with Red Bull coming to an end.

F1 has surged in popularity in recent seasons and that growth has naturally been reflected financially with some huge sponsorship deals going through in the last few years.

Indeed, big brands are coming to F1 and want a slice of the pie, whilst some of the biggest automotive names around appear to be warming to the idea of being on the F1 grid, where perhaps in the past they’d been put off of the idea.

Audi will be joining as engine manufacturers in 2026 having confirmed as such at the Belgian Grand Prix, for example, with many expecting them to take over a team as well, whilst Porsche were also in in-depth discussions over working with Red Bull, though that has come to an end without an agreement.

Even so, F1 is perhaps as attractive as it has ever been to the likes of Porsche and Audi, hence their interest, and Wolff believes getting such big beasts in terms of the automotive world to join the sport can only be a good thing for them and for those already on the grid:

“Every large corporation, especially auto companies, [and] not only auto companies, because Red Bull is also pretty good at that, they not only buy the racing team and invest large amounts of money into running it but invest even more into activation, which is beneficial for Formula 1.

“If a brand like Porsche that is known all over the world puts their marketing dollars into activating Formula 1, we will all be benefiting.

“This is the important part. It’s not just about having the team and running it, but in all the markets [there would be] big advertising, big campaigns, putting the brand out there.

“That is why having these big brands in Formula 1 is important.”

Wolff has previously spoken about the sport being selective over which names are allowed to enter F1, suggesting Andretti, who have also shown an interest in F1, wouldn’t bring the required level of clout to add to the sport, despite bearing the name of a former Formula 1 world champion.

BERLIN – JULY 21: The logo and hood ornament of German automaker Porsche is seen on the wheel of a Porsche car at a dealership on July 21, 2009 in Berlin, Germany. Another German carmaker, Volkswagen, is seeking to take over Porsche and has offered EUR 8 billion for an initial stake. Leaders of the two companies, including members of the two powerful Piech and Porsche families, who both have substantial stakes in the two companies, are to meet on Thursday to decide over the plan. Porsche is heavily in debt and the future for its CEO, Wendelin Wiedeking, is uncertain. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Porsche and Red Bull talks collapse

Porsche and Red Bull had been talking for some time over a potential collaboration but those have ultimately concluded without a deal.

The Milton Keynes based team wanted Porsche to be involved as the new engine regulations coming into F1 from 2026, supplying technical support, but Porsche wanted more.

It was reported that they wanted to buy into Red Bull Technologies and have more say over the direction of the team, which is something Red Bull, who are steadfast in their wish to remain independent, were simply not going to take up.

Porsche have said those talks ending does not necessarily bring an end to their interest in F1, however, with them saying they will continue to monitor the sport for opportunities so we may yet see the famous German brand back in F1.

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