FIFA 23 Web App guide: Tips, tricks, how to make coins fast and everything you need to know

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The FIFA 23 web app is almost upon us and we’re here to help you get off to the best possible start in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team with some tips, tricks and how to make coins fast on the Web App.

The Web App is the first significant point of call in a new FIFA’s life cycle. It allows players to finally begin building their Ultimate Team. Players can do so by opening ‘welcome back’ packs, completing SBCs and even using FIFA points transferred from their FIFA 22 account in the store.

Players are desperate to get their hands on the best players in the game from the off – so on the Web App if you do pack a Kylian Mbappe, a Cristiano Ronaldo, a Lionel Messi or a Robert Lewandowski, you’re pretty much set up for a good while.

But there are certain predicaments faced by players on the Web App. Is it correct to sell players straight away? What should I do with consumables? Never fear – we’re here to tell you everything you need to know.

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FIFA 23 Web App Release Date

The FUT 23 Web App goes live on Wednesday, September 21st 2022, although you’ll need to have an “account in good standing” to be able to use the transfer market and start trading, as per the EA Help page.

Should I sell players straight away on the FIFA 23 Web App?

Joao Cancelo in FIFA 23

If you’re lucky enough to pack one of the elite players at the beginning – we’d ultimately suggest holding off to sell.

The reason for this is as many players don’t have many coins at the beginning, hence meaning players will probably be sold for cheaper. If you are desperate to try and make a bit of coinage, we’d suggest setting a very high start price with a high buy it now option – this way your players won’t go for an amount they probably shouldn’t in a bidding war.

The players you should be selling on the web app consist of bronze and silver players. These are often integral for SBCs so will be popular on the market at the beginning of the game.

What should I do with my consumables on the FIFA 23 Web App?

Consumables in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

In regards to consumables, again it’s probably best to save contracts, position modifiers etc for the full release as the demand will be higher.

However – consumables we would advise selling are:

  • Kits
  • Badges
  • Stadiums

The reason for this is at the start of the game players are desperate to customise their clubs with their favourite team’s various merchandise. This means that kits such as Manchester United‘s, Real Madrid‘s, Liverpool‘s and many more may very well sell at the beginning of the game. Further down in the line – less likely so.

How to make coins fast on the FIFA 23 Web App

FIFA 23 FIFA Coins

We have a few methods where you can make coins quickly on the Web App.

Bronze Pack Method

A very simple, yet effective method to obtain coins early on.

  • Buy bronze packs.
  • Sell everything in it for at least 200 coins BIN.
  • Once items have sold, repeat.


Another great thing to do to obtain higher-rated players and valuable consumables is to complete the initial SBCs available to us at the beginning of Ultimate Team. The SBCs we’d recommend completing are the following:

  • Let’s get started
  • Hybrid Nations
  • Hybrid Leagues
  • League and Nation Hybrid

We do know that some players are tempted by the Gold Upgrade. We’d steer clear from this to begin with, as all the items you obtain through this are untradeable.


A risky one, but if you back yourself in the market – try and spot some trends in players as to where they may increase in value. For example, Cody Gakpo of PSV Eindhoven will most likely receive a TOTW item this week, so for players to link him they’ll need Eredivisie players, so they may rise in price.

Tips/Tricks for the FIFA 23 Web App

FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition cover
  • If you want to get ahead and spend money on the Web App on FIFA points, make sure you load them up to your associated FIFA 22 account. When logging in to the Web App for the first time, you’ll be able to transfer them to your FIFA 23 account.
  • If you’re lucky enough to pack an In-form or an Icon. Quick sell them. This may seem ludicrous, but you will get a great payout from quick selling, and then you can simply gain them back through the ‘Quick Sell restore section’. You can then use the coins for trading or buying players for your side.

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