WWE Raw: 25-year-old star got nuclear reaction from fans

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WWE fans gave Dominik Mysterio a truly insane reaction during his segment on Monday Night Raw last night.

At Clash at the Castle on September 3, Dominik turned heel on Edge and his father Rey after months of speculation that it was going to happen.

Two nights later on Raw, Dominik joined Judgement Day, and based on the reaction he’s been receiving ever since, it seems like WWE’s decision paid off.

Dominik Mysterio has joined Judgement Day

Ever since his heel turn, WWE has been playing up the strange relationship between Dominik and Rhea Ripley in segments and matches.

While some have questioned WWE’s methods in turning Dominik heel at this stage, the reactions that he’s receiving seem to prove that Triple H’s decision paid off.

As you can see from the footage below, Dominik received a reaction that most heels would die for from fans during his segment on Raw last night.

Video: The nuclear reaction from fans to Dominik Mysterio on WWE Raw

Fans online picked up on the incredible reaction that Dominik received last night, with WWE fans not even letting the 25-year-old speak such was the sheer volume of their beers.

You can see a selection of tweets below, which features comments from fans reacting to the nuclear heat that Dominik received during his segment last night.

Latest news on WWE’s plans for Dominik Mysterio

As of right now, there’s no word on what WWE is planning for Dominik in the long-term following his heel turn earlier this month.

WWE is currently playing up the story that Rey Mysterio, Dominik’s father, doesn’t want to fight him, despite his betrayal.

However, the expectation is that Dominik and Rey will have a match at some point in the future, with WWE even potentially stretching it out until WrestleMania 39 in April 2023.

Regardless of what WWE is planning for Dominik now, there’s no denying that he’s on the run of his career now, having previously been floundering as a babyface alongside his father following his debut in 2020.

Fans will be hoping to see more exciting work from Dominik over the coming weeks, with Triple H seemingly really helping with the perception that fans have of the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion since his appointment to Head of Creative in July.

We’re likely going to see more of the budding relationship between Rhea and Dom over the next few months, which some fans have even compared to Eddie Guerrero and Chyna’s iconic partnership.

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