Josh Allen: Fans on the internet slam old tweet mocking Buffalo Bills QB

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Josh Allen and his development has left a lot of people howling with laughter after a video re-surfaced on social media from his early days with the Buffalo Bills.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now, the eye test alone tells you that, but the numbers during his first two games this season also tell you everything you need to know about how special he is.

He has so far completed 75.4% of his passes, has thrown for 614 yards and 7 touchdowns in just their first two games, one of those on the road against the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams. To add to that, he’s also managed to rush for a further 66 yards and a touchdown as the Bills have scored 72 points in their opening two games, establishing why they are seen by many as the favourites for the Super Bowl this year.

It’s easy to forget that things weren’t always so good for Allen during his first few years in the league as he really struggled to adapt to life on the professional level. 

Josh Allen wasn’t All-that

He entered the league in the 2018 NFL Draft, as one of many quarterbacks that were up for grabs that year alongside the likes of Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Lamar Jackson and Josh Rosen. Allen was the 3rd quarterback taken that year, the 7th player overall and was forced to sit a while whilst he developed behind Tyrod Taylor. 

When he was given his chance though, he didn’t exactly grasp it with both hands as he didn’t reach a 60% completion rate during his first two seasons in the league and threw 21 interceptions against 30 touchdowns, so it’s easy to see how some might have thought he was a ‘bust’ after his first two years in the league.

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And that meant that there were a lot of posts on social media at the time that weren’t exactly too encouraging when it came to his performances.

Luckily we know better now and people have had ample time to delete their views to save themselves the embarrassment, but there are still some that are out there, and they are not pleasant. 

Josh Allen has the last laugh

Noted Twitter account @OldTakesExposed quote tweeted a video from 2020 from SportsNet New York and a video from their New York Jets account, mocking Bills fans for thinking he was better than Sam Darnold who the Jets took. 

Video: New York Jets account roasts Josh Allen:

So when the video was brought back by @OldTakesExposed during the Bills’ win on Monday night, it gave fans the chance to look back at just how wrong SportsNet were for their take at the time:

Josh Allen tweet 7
Josh Allen tweet 6
Josh Allen tweet 5
Josh Allen tweet 4
Josh Allen tweet 3
Josh Allen tweet 2
Josh Allen tweet 1

So it looks as if the Bills and Josh Allen are going to come out on the right side of history for this one, the only thing that would make it sweeter would be to win a Super Bowl to really rub it in their faces.

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