Tom Brady: Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB left furious after 'ridiculous' decision

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Tom Brady has slammed the NFL for their treatment of Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammate Mike Evans for his role in an altercation against the New Orleans Saints. 

With Tom Brady’s former favourite target Rob Gronkowski currently retired, he needs to find someone else to serve as his go-to option in the passing game, and with a resume like that of Mike Evans, it’s pretty obvious that it was always going to be him.

Despite only being 28 years old, has managed to establish himself as arguably one of the best players in the history of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise, as he currently holds the records for most receptions, receiving yards, and total touchdowns with 606, 9,301 and 76 respectively, all of which also make him one of the biggest threats on the outside in the league, with his 6’5, 225lb frame helping him out no end. 

And when you consider his age, and who is throwing him the ball, those numbers are only going to be going higher and higher as the years go on, heading into this season Brady had thrown him 27 touchdowns and given him more than 2,000 receiving yards. 

However the duo is set to be broken up for this upcoming week when the Buccaneers take in the Green Bay Packers, as Evans will be serving a suspension following a fight that took place between the Buccaneers and the New Orleans Saints this past weekend and was sparked off by him taking issue with Saints safety Marshon Lattimore. 

Video: Mike Evans stands up for Tom Brady:

Evans’ actions earned him a one-game suspension, perhaps in part due to being involved in a similar incident when the sides met back in 2017 which saw him also get physical with Lattimore that time as well, so he clearly didn’t learn his lesson from last time.

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However, Brady thinks that the punishment on Evans was harsh, and he let his feelings known about that.

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Speaking on the latest episode of the Let’s Go podcast (transcribed by FOX News), Brady slammed the NFL for their decision to suspend Evans, but still managed to get a shoutout to his teammate for sticking up for him:

“It’s an unfortunate circumstance. I don’t think it deserved any type of suspension. I think that’s ridiculous. You know hopefully we can move past it, get to a better place. You know in the end, I appreciate Mike having my back. I know he’ll learn from it. And he knows that we all have his back.”

Given Evans’ previous history, he should probably consider himself lucky he didn’t get more than one game, especially seeing how vicious and deliberate the hit was, but hopefully this will act as the final warning for him, otherwise who knows how long a further suspension could be if he does it again.

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