Apex Legends Season 15: Respawn confirms major nerf

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Apex Legends Season 15 may be coming in November, but there are changes being made in Season 14 that are going to affect the game moving forward.

The wildly popular FPS is one of the most played shooting games on the market and it’s completely free to play.

That would explain some of the popularity of the game, and Respawn Entertainment consistently keeps the title updated with new patches and hotfixes.

There has now been a new confirmation that the game’s developers are nerfing the game’s iron sights.

The game’s cosmetic skins are meant to be just that, cosmetic, and are not meant to offer any kind of gameplay advantage, but that has not been the case in recent days.

Respawn have posted a major update on their website, revealing that they are set to make changes to the way that iron sights work in certain skins.

Apex Legends Nerfing Iron Sights

Apex Legens - New Legends Season 14

The developers revealed in a major blog post that changes are coming.

Respawn have confirmed that the Heat Sink reactive skin for the VK-47 Flatline rifle was simply too powerful in-game, and was offering players an unfair advantage.

They said: “Competitive integrity is and will always be a core pillar for Apex Legends. As part of that, our default iron sights are designed to push players to loot for better optics. We also believe that skins shouldn’t be a factor in the sights functionality as well. During Season 4, we released the Heat Sink reactive skin for the VK-47 Flatline rifle and we heard feedback from some players that the Aim Down Sights (ADS) felt superior to any other skin available.

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“To make things as fair as possible, we wanted to address feedback for the Heat Sink skin and also update other skins we thought could be improved.

“Another example of a skin we’ve updated is the Flatline “Revelations” skin from the Gaiden Event. We felt the side fins were creating larger blindspots than intended so we’ve reduced them to improve visibility when ADS.

“We believe that any competitive edge in Apex Legends should be gained by honing your skills and not due to any perceived advantages from buying gun skins.  As our good friend Kuben Blisk puts it: ‘You kill me, you’re better. I kill you, I’m better.’ We hope players who own these skins will appreciate these improvements and support us as we work to keep Apex Legends fun and fair.”

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