WWE: Triple H remaining 'tight-lipped' on former champion's potential return

Triple H is now essentially running WWE

Triple H is said to be remaining “tight-lipped” over speculation that Bray Wyatt is returning to WWE.

This week on Monday Night Raw, a ‘White Rabbit’ vignette played, which fans have believed is teasing Bray’s imminent WWE return.

And as you can read more about by clicking here, it’s been reported by Fightful Select that WWE talent is of the belief that Bray is the subject of the teases too.

Latest news on Bray Wyatt’s WWE return

As noted, WWE talent is almost unanimously of the belief that Bray Wyatt is coming back, but that isn’t based off what they’ve been told by higher-ups.

In fact, Fightful Select is reporting that Triple H and the WWE Creative has remained “tight-lipped”, even to talent, about whether or not Bray is coming back, via WrestleTalk.

Over the last week, “White Rabbit” teases have caused incredible speculation within WWE, specifically pointed at Bray Wyatt. Fightful has been asking around, and so far the majority of WWE is left in the dark.

Again, while talent suspects that the ‘White Rabbit’ teases will lead to Bray coming back, they haven’t been told that’s the case by Triple H, who was made WWE’s Head of Creative in July.

So far, no talent or on-screen staff that we’ve heard back from have been informed of what exactly the White Rabbit references are about, though almost unanimous reaction is the speculation that it is related to Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt could be on his way back to WWE
Bray Wyatt could be on his way back to WWE

Is Bray Wyatt returning to WWE?

It isn’t just WWE’s wrestlers that are being kept in the dark over whether or not Bray is coming back, at least if Fightful’s report is to be believed.

The report notes that members of the WWE production team, who would usually be briefed about these kinds of things, haven’t been informed who the ‘White Rabbit’ teases are for.

Sean Ross Sapp explains that Triple H is keeping things “very close to the vest” with regards to what the creepy vignettes are leading to.

There are some involved with the production element of the company who are also usually briefed about such things that have yet to be clued in on what the teases represent. The situation is being played very close to the vest within the company.

The report explains that even those who have brought props to WWE shows, which are believed to again be leading to Bray’s return, haven’t been told why they’ve been needing to bring them to the tapings.

Fans may not have to wait long to see who the subject of the ‘White Rabbit’ vignettes is, as rumours have suggested that whoever it is will be revealed this week on SmackDown.

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