Bray Wyatt WWE return: 2015 comments may have spoiled imminent comeback

Bray Wyatt's 2015 interview with Michael Cole

Bray Wyatt, if all the speculation is to be believed, could be returning to WWE in just two days’ time.

On Raw this week, WWE played a tease for a ‘White Rabbit’ character, which is believed by many fans to be leading to Bray’s return.

In fact, Fightful Select reports that the sentiment that Bray is returning to WWE soon is shared by members of the roster, which you can read more about by clicking here.

Has WWE teased Bray Wyatt’s return?

As noted, a ‘White Rabbit’ video aired during this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, with many people speculating that the subject will be revealed as Bray Wyatt.

For those that haven’t seen the cryptic vignette, a white rabbit was seen playing hangman, spelling out “you did” when the question of “who killed the world?” was asked.

In fact, you can check out the creepy vignette, which WWE only made available by scanning a QR code that flashed up during Raw, in the embedded tweet below.

Video: WWE’s creepy ‘White Rabbit’ vignette

So, what could all of this mean, and why are fans so convinced that it’s leading to Bray Wyatt coming back to WWE?

Many fans feel as if the creepy nature of the vignette lines up with a lot of what Bray did during his first run with WWE, which ended in July 2021 when he was surprisingly released.

However, comments that Bray made during an interview in 2015 have resurfaced, and they’ve led to fans being more certain that he’s coming back soon.

Video: Bray Wyatt’s 2015 comments could have spoiled imminent return

As you can see from the embedded tweet above, fans have brought up comments Bray made in 2015 while speaking to Michael Cole in a WWE TV interview.

During the interview, Wyatt said “I didn’t make the world the way it is… you did”, which seems quite similar to the “who killed the world… you did” tease that was in the ‘White Rabbit’ vignette.

This is not concrete evidence that Bray is coming back, but his 2015 comments are just another indication that the teases are probably leading to his return, as you can see from the fan reaction below.

As noted earlier, WWE Superstars are reportedly of the belief that Bray is coming back to WWE, believing that the ‘White Rabbit’ teases are for him.

However, it’s worth noting that reports from Fightful Select claim that Triple H has kept his cards very close to his chest when it comes to his plans for the storyline.

No WWE talent has been told that Bray is coming back, and they also don’t know who the ‘White Rabbit’ vignettes are about.

You can read more about how and why Triple H is being so “tight-lipped” about this storyline and Bray’s likely return by clicking here.

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