WWE: 'World's most dangerous man' open to shock return under Triple H

Triple H is now WWE's Head of Creative

Ken Shamrock has revealed that he is open to returning to WWE to work for new Head of Creative Triple H.

The former Intercontinental Champion has thrown his hat into the mix to referee Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins’ match at Extreme Rules.

The match, which takes place on October 8, will be contested in a Fight Pit, the first time a match of that type has taken place on the main roster.

Is Ken Shamrock returning to WWE?

As noted, WWE announced on Monday’s Raw that Riddle and Rollins will have a Fight Pit match at the Premium Live Event next month.

Taking to Twitter, as you can see below, MMA writer Giancarlo Aulino suggested that WWE should bring back Shamrock and have him referee the match.

WWE has got history with having special guest referees in the Fight Pit match, with Kurt Angle being brought in to officiate the first between Riddle and Timothy Thatcher.

Back to Shamrock, and the former WWE Superstar definitely seemed keen on the idea, stating that he “couldn’t agree more” with the exciting proposition.

Of course, this is just Shamrock throwing his name into the ring, and it’s worth pointing out that WWE has not teased that he’ll be involved in the match in any capacity.

More than that, there have been no reports stating that WWE is even considering having Shamrock involved in the match, so it seems like he’s just jumping on the back of a fan-led idea.

Ken Shamrock’s honest thoughts on WWE under Triple H

WWE has gone through some big changes over the last few months, with Vince McMahon retiring and Triple H stepping up to take over his creative roles.

The general feeling amongst fans is that the changes Triple H has made have been positive, with that being felt by both fans and wrestlers.

Taking to Twitter recently, the aforementioned Shamrock shared his thoughts on the shift within WWE lately, explaining that he thinks Triple H has done a great job.

As you can see below, the 58-year-old thinks that there are some “exciting things” going on with WWE right now, adding that he’s excited to see what the new era of the company brings.

Despite rapidly approaching his 60s, Shamrock is still in incredible shape and wrestles pretty regularly, working for IMPACT Wrestling as recently as January 2021.

However, Ken hasn’t worked for WWE since 1999, so a return, if he does make one, will have really been a really long time coming.

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