Logan Paul still believes he beat Floyd Mayweather in boxing match last year


Logan Paul has suggested that he defeated Floyd Mayweather in their exhibition boxing match last year.

The world of combat sports has certainly been flipped upside down in the last couple of years and one of the reasons for that is the introduction of YouTube/celebrity boxing. Many, many stars from within the field have made the transition over in order to settle their beef, make some money and revolutionise what it means to put on events like this in the modern era.

A lot of purists within the sport aren’t big fans of those who have competed inside the squared circle having previously come from the vlogging sphere, but there’s really no way of denying the reach they have on a global scale.

That’s particularly true for two men in particular – Logan Paul and Jake Paul.

Jake is the one who continues to thrive and focus his attention on pro boxing, whereas Logan has moved over to different projects.

Initially, though, he was the one who really helped shine a spotlight on the YT scene through his two-fight series with KSI.

From there, he went on to collide with Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition match that few could believe was actually happening.

There was no official winner declared due to it being an exhibition, but the popular opinion was that Floyd had eased to an unofficial victory.

Logan, meanwhile, respectfully disagrees, as he noted during an episode of his podcast.

Video: Logan Paul thinks he beat Floyd Mayweather

“I didn’t lose, it was an exhibition,” Paul said. “I didn’t lose, there was no loser.

“I mean I am going to be honest with you, I think I won that fight. He didn’t knock a YouTuber out in eight rounds, and he guaranteed a KO in that press conference.

“I don’t know if there is a world where you can take away from that fight that Floyd won.” 

The next step

Logan Paul has recently made the leap into professional wrestling and so far, he’s actually done a pretty good job of impressing those within the business.

He’s been so impressive, in fact, that he’s managed to earn himself a shot at the WWE universal championship.

The man who will be standing across from him at Crown Jewel later this year is Roman Reigns, who has held the gold for well over two years.

Logan has said before he wants to return to the boxing ring but for the time being, his focus is on ‘The Tribal Chief’.

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