Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva: UFC legend reveals his 'only problem' with Dana White

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Anderson Silva has revealed his 'only problem' with Dana White

UFC legend Anderson Silva has revealed his ‘only problem’ with Dana White after making the switch to boxing.

The legendary MMA fighter, 47, believes White has no right to criticise fighters for their approach to fights because he has “never fought MMA in his life.”

But the Brazilian says he is still “a good person” at the end of the day as he prepares to face Jake Paul.

And while some fighters have publicly complained about their contracts in recent months, he insists it’s their fault for signing them in the first place.

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What is Anderson Silva’s problem with Dana White?

Silva claimed the UFC middleweight belt with a first-round demolition of Rich Franklin back in 2006 and defended it a whopping ten times.

However, he left the promotion in rather acrimonious circumstances in November 2020 despite having one fight remaining on his contract.

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva takes on Jake Paul on October 29

But the 47-year-old also acknowledged how vital White’s business acumen is to the UFC, and insisted that he has no real issue with him on a personal level.

“It’s strange for me, because everybody signs and when inside they start talking, ‘You guys don’t pay me correct,’ and this and that,” he said during an appearance on The MMA Hour. “I never, in my life, talked about how much the UFC paid me because I fight a lot and that’s my problem with Dana — it’s not a problem, it’s a business, Anderson Silva is a company going inside the UFC and signing the contract. It’s two companies making business together.

“My problem with Dana is [when he] talks about fights because Dana has never fought MMA in his life.

“That’s my problem, when he talks about, ‘You can’t do that, can’t do that, you don’t fight correctly.’ No, no, no, that’s my only problem with Dana. I think Dana is a good person.

“Everybody talks about Dana, ‘He’s not good, blah blah blah.’ He’s a good person, but he’s a businessman. UFC doesn’t get to this point now as a big, big company in the world if the people think, ‘I did something, I’m sorry fighters, I did something incorrect.’

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“No, the company grew up because of hustlers doing something and that’s the game. You’re inside or not. You can sign or not sign, you can go anywhere, but when you sign, you make the deal with my company.

“You can’t say nothing because why did you sign? You signed. You have a contract.

“‘Oh no, let me out of the contract.’ You signed the contract, you’ve seen the rules of the contract, why are you talking about it now? And I’m so lucky because I’m not in the UFC anymore and I have my own journey right now.

“I don’t need to say, ‘Can I do that?’ I don’t need to ask permission from the UFC or from Dana for absolutely nothing anymore.”

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