Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Infinity Ward responds to mini-map controversy

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 remains one of the most anticipated games of the year and the ongoing multiplayer beta is being played across the world.

The PlayStation exclusive beta happened over the weekend, while the multi-platform beta will allow players on Xbox and PC to play this week.

Now, Infinity Ward has revealed what changes can be expected from the beta to the full game.

There remains plenty of time before the full release, which is set to launch on October 28th worldwide.

And one of the major changes being requested by fans involves the mini-map, which has proved divisive in the beta.

Infinity Ward provides mini-map update

COD Modern Warfare 2 DMZ mode

First of all, we need to provide some context for players who haven’t yet dived into the beta.

The mini-map only shows enemy player dots when a UAV is active, which has led to some angry feedback from fans.

Of course, in previous Call of Duty games, players used to show up on the mini-map either when they sprinted or when they fired their weapons.

That has been tweaked in Modern Warfare 2 and has led some to suggest that the map simply does not show enough information.

Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Leaked

As per Eurogamer, Infinity Ward has explained the design decision, insisting that they do not want to “punish” players.

The full post reads: “The design reason for this is that we do not want to punish players for firing their weapons. We also want players to actively search out the origin of a gunshot versus just traveling directly to where the dot is on the mini-map. We continue to gather feedback on how the game is playing in regards to this topic.”

Some on social media have suggested that this minimises the need to use either a suppressor or a Ninja perk, but it does not seem that Infinity Ward wants to move towards those elements.

Of course, this is what betas are for; they allow the community to find mechanics they are unhappy with and then inform the developers of that. It remains to be seen if it leads to an eventual change ahead of the full release of the game.

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