WWE: Ronda Rousey predicts sensational return for former World Champion

Ronda Rousey is back in WWE

Bray Wyatt is the talk of the wrestling world at the moment, with many fans feeling he could return to WWE as early as tomorrow night.

WWE has been airing ‘White Rabbit’ teases for the last week or so, with many people feeling as if they’re going to lead to Bray’s return.

It seems like fans aren’t the only ones thinking that, as Ronda Rousey is of the belief that Bray is heading back to WWE soon too.

Ronda Rousey thinks Bray Wyatt is coming back

As noted, WWE fans think Bray Wyatt is set to return, and Ronda Rousey has revealed that she’s on the same page.

Speaking about the ‘White Rabbit’ teases on her latest gaming stream, Rousey said that she thinks they’re going to lead to Wyatt coming back, via WrestleTalk.

During the breaks between matches, they’ve been doing this thing where they turn off the lights and they play ‘White Rabbit.’ We all have our theories about what it means, but I like to think that it’s Bray Wyatt coming back.

It’s interesting to hear a WWE Superstar speak about a potential spoiler for a major angle that could be about to happen, which is pretty rare nowadays.

Is Bray Wyatt returning to WWE?

As noted, Fightful Select has reported that talent is of the belief that the teases are leading to Wyatt working his way back to WWE, possibly as early as SmackDown tomorrow night.

You can read more about what the WWE roster has been told about Wyatt coming back to the wrestling giant by clicking here, but essentially they have been left in the dark about the major story.

Fightful is reporting that Head of Creative Triple H is remaining “tight-lipped” about his potential plans for Bray’s return, keeping talent and production in the dark about things, which you can also read more about by clicking here.

Bray Wyatt could be brought back to WWE
Bray Wyatt could be brought back to WWE

Bray was let go by WWE in July 2021, believed to be mainly down to just how much money he was making on his big-money contract.

The former WWE Champion was earning $4million per year as one of WWE’s top earners on his deal, with the leadership team at the time clearly viewing him as not worth that big money contract.

However, with Vince McMahon leaving WWE in July after retiring and Triple H becoming the new Head of Creative the week after, the door has opened for Wyatt to work his way back to the global juggernaut, and that could happen sooner than later.

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