Pittsburgh Steelers: WR George Pickens pulls off insane one-handed catch

George Pickens catch

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver George Pickens pulled off an incredible catch in tough conditions against the Cleveland Browns.

Both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns are both looking to get their seasons back on track after losing in Week 2 after Week 1 wins, but it wasn’t going to be easy for them as the conditions were not very friendly for either side.

And whilst it is still early in the season, so there are plenty of opportunities for both sides to make it up, especially in their rematch later in the season, with this being one of the fiercest rivalries in the entire NFL, there is always plenty of animosity to add to the spectacle.

The climate itself was pretty good, but with winds of 25mph it was never going to be easy for the teams to put the ball up in the air and catch it successfully with the ball being that unpredictable in midflight, meaning that the ball was likely going to stay on the ground to avoid any complications or risking turnovers.

That wasn’t the case for George Pickens though as he pulled in one of the best catches of the year, regardless of what the weather would be like, in the opening quarter of the game to help set up the Steelers’ first touchdown of the evening.

George Pickens plucks it out of the air

What makes the catch even more impressive, was that he did it in coverage, did it so close to the sidelines, and was able to hold onto it throughout the process despite having a very hard fall to the ground.

Video: Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver George Pickens pulls in an incredible catch:

Pickens has only had 5 catches so far this season, but with a catch like that, it’s probably enough to make the Steelers think that they should give him the ball a lot more in the future and make the Steelers wide receiving group even more dangerous than it already has the potential to be.

The Pittsburgh Steelers offense as a whole are struggling right now. They rank 30th in terms of total yards and joint-30th when it comes to yards per play, with quarterback Mitch Trubisky, whilst being deemed the ‘safe’ option at quarterback, seemingly not being too eager to push the ball down the field, but with a play like this, it shows that he does have it in his pocket so maybe he should pull the trigger a little bit more often too.

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