FIFA 23 Web App: Players running into bugs after release

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FIFA 23 is coming out next week but the web app has already been released for players.

Those who wish to get their Ultimate Team up and running can do so, while also completing squad-building challenges and opening packs.

Players are unable to purchase FIFA Points at this point, but it is a good start for players who want to get their teams rolling.

However, players are having issues with the web app thus far, with a number of bugs limiting the functionality of the app.

Gamesradar has reported on the bugs, with players expressing their frustration at some of the issues after the launch, and ahead of the early access for players who have pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition, which launches on the 27th of September.

FIFA 23 Web App Bugs

Croatia side celebrate in FIFA 23

Just hours after the web app was launched, FIFA’s Direct Communication Twitter account confirmed that they were looking into reports of players failing to log in.

There were issues with players being able to load themselves into the web app, with a screen greeting them telling them that they needed to log in to FIFA 23 on a console. Of course, that isn’t possible until the 27th, so the big ended up frustrating a number of players.

FIFA Direct then confirmed later that night that they felt they had resolved the issue, but several FIFA players, including the Twitter account FUT 23 News, have pointed out issues with the Squad Building Challenges.

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EA has introduced a new chemistry system for the game, with each player now aiming to hit three diamonds, which would equate to full chemistry.

As per FUT 23 News, the following SBCs don’t work because the chemistry is impossible to reach:

  • Hybrid Nations – Around the World
  • Foundations III – A Better Build Up
  • Hybrid Leagues – First XI
  • Hybrid Leagues – Seven League Boots

In addition to that, the objective of completing five SBCs is also broken.

These issues are very likely to be fixed before the full game launches onto consoles, and one has to think that this is a key component of the web app being released early, so that bugs can be ironed out.

Still, it is frustrating for players who are trying to build their teams up.

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