Tyson Fury commentating on his resurrection vs Deontay Wilder in 2018

Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder are responsible for battling out arguably the greatest trilogy in boxing history, with the undefeated heavyweights going at it in brutal fashion.

The opening fight saw both fighters remain unbeaten as the bout ended in a draw, controversially, but nevertheless, that’s the outcome we got.

After that, They Gypsy King ensured he didn’t run that risk again, with back-to-back dominant performances to win both remaining fights of a historic trilogy.

Deontay Wilder knocked Tyson Fury down in round 12

In the final round of the bout, Wilder looked to have shocked the world and got that knockout blow against the Mancunian giant, with Fury looking out cold on the canvas following a good combination.

Against all the odds, Fury managed to find his feet and stabilise before the count to carry on the final round, landing some dangerous punches on Wilder.

Both men wanted to end the spectacle with a knockout and looked to try and land that killer blow, but time was up before either of them could do, and to the judges we went.

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Tyson Fury watches famous final round for the first time

The fact Fury was able to muster the energy to get up off the canvas and carry on after that knockdown was remarkable, so to see him talk us through that is incredible viewing.

He talks through what he was thinking, what he did and didn’t do and what mistakes he made, including getting greedy trying to go for a knockout in the final round.

What Tyson Fury said

When talking to BT Sport, Fury said: “We both tried our hearts out, I can’t say anything bad about Deontay, and I’m sure he wouldn’t say anything bad about me. Both good fighting men.”

Tyson Fury is training 'like a man possessed', according to a source close to his camp
Tyson Fury is training ‘like a man possessed’, according to a source close to his camp

A classy response from Fury, acknowledging Wilder’s part in putting on a show. After the fight, Fury runs around the ring, thinking he’s won, and Wilder clearly thinks he has lost, Fury made this known, saying: “Straight up, get up! How did I get up from a knockdown like that there to be as crazy as that? Legs so strong, so fit, he knew he lost the fight.

“Look at the expression, he didn’t do anything, I was running around with my arms up, I knew I had won the fight.”

Video: Tyson Fury talks through his famous 12th round with Deontay Wilder

He did talk about the knockdown in the opening minute of the round, claiming: “Listen, Wilder’s celebrating like it’s over, but The Gypsy King gets up, look at the legs, look how strong my legs are!… I said I was fine, and I was.”

When it shows the embrace at the end, Fury comments: “You can see the admiration and respect between two warriors there, and it was, we did what we had to do and we did our best. I’m not going to let the judges or anyone else try and take anything away from this fight. It was as good of a heavyweight fight I’ve seen for a long time.”

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