WWE: One of wrestling's most 'dangerous' moves ever has now been banned

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WWE has banned wrestlers from using The Undertaker’s Tombstone Piledriver, Ronda Rousey has now claimed.

The Tombstone was used for several years as The Deadman’s finishing move, and is now of wrestling’s most iconic pieces of offence.

However, with more awareness now on concussions and CTE, the move has been deemed too dangerous and WWE Superstars aren’t able to use it.

Why has WWE banned the Tombstone?

For those that haven’t seen the move, the Tombstone Piledriver sees The Undertaker, and sometimes even Kane, lift their opponent up and drop them directly onto the top of their head.

The move, which you can check out examples of in the embedded video below, is one of the most iconic moves in wrestling history.

In WWE, the move was only really used by ‘Taker and Kane, but it’s so iconic that it’s regularly seen on independent shows, with wrestlers looking to add it to their arsenals.

Video: The Undertaker’s most memorable Tombstone Piledrivers

Speaking on her latest YouTube stream, SmackDown star Ronda Rousey has explained that wrestlers within WWE are no longer able to do the move.

She explains that only The Undertaker is permitted to do the move, due to how dangerous it is, via WrestleTalk.

(The Tombstone Piledriver is) such a dangerous move, nobody else is allowed to do it. It’s basically a retired move.

And with The Undertaker now having retired from in-ring competition, it seems like we may have seen the Tombstone used as a finishing move in a match for the very last time in WWE.

The Tombstone certainly isn’t the only dangerous move to have been banned by WWE, with eight pieces of offence being deemed too “brutal” to still be used, which you can check out more about by clicking here.

The Undertaker is one of WWE's best ever stars
The Undertaker is one of WWE’s best ever stars

What happened to The Undertaker?

As noted, The Undertaker has now retired from WWE, wrestling his last match at WrestleMania 36 in April 2020 against AJ Styles.

WWE then dedicated Survivor Series 2020 to The Undertaker, with the wrestling icon officially retiring during the show’s main event.

The show was 30 years on from The Undertaker’s debut in WWE, so was a fitting way for him to end his career.

The seven-time World Champion was then inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year in April 2022, but the final line of his speech got fans thinking, which you can read more about by clicking here.

‘Taker said “never say never” regarding a potential in-ring return, so while the 57-year-old is said to be retired, perhaps we haven’t actually seen his final match just yet.

For more news on what the future holds for The Undertaker, make sure you stay tuned to GiveMeSport.

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