Eagles, Brady v Rodgers & Butt Fumble 2.0?: 5 big talking points from NFL Week 3

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The NFL has completed its third week of play, but just what are the big takeaways from another fascinating week?

The NFL is through three weeks, and whilst this might sound like something of a repeat and is probably going to be repeated a lot more between now and the end of the season, but it gave us plenty to talk about and left us dazzled once again with what went on.

Whether you want to focus on the Indianapolis Colts taking down the Kansas City Chiefs despite looking on paper as if it could and should have been a heavy victory the other way, or the matchup between arguably the two greatest quarterbacks of their era as Aaron Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers narrowly outlasted Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in what could be their final matchup against each other.

Or perhaps you’re one of those people that was waiting for Mitch Trubisky to take the Pittsburgh Steelers offense to the next level, only to see them continue to fall short against the Cleveland Browns, whilst in contrast, Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens continued their tear through the league putting up 37 on the road against the New England Patriots.

But if we could hone in on just the big headlines from this week, it would be these.

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5 – The grass isn’t greener, especially in the desert

You do have to wonder whether or not Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams is starting to regret making the move to Sin City this summer, having seemingly made it a desire of his to get out of Green Bay as soon as possible.

Whilst he might have wanted to be with his former college quarterback Derek Carr, when you leave one of the greatest of all time Aaron Rodgers behind, the results are starting to show that he might have made a made a mistake, as the Raiders are now 0-3 and in the last two games he’s had less than 50 receiving yards.

4 – G.O.A.T v G.O.A.T for the last time?

We referenced this earlier, but it’s so special that we have to mention it again and give it a slightly deeper dive. With 8 Super Bowl titles and 7 NFL MVPs between them, these two have dominated the landscape of football for the last few decades.

Whilst not played as consistently as the Brady v Peyton Manning rivalry, the rarity of it whilst they were in different conferences made days like Sunday extra special, although the less said about their play the better given how low-scoring it was (but credit to the respective defenses for that).

Video: Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady embrace:

Treasure moments like this, because we may never see two players as great as these cross paths ever again.

3 – Still waiting on Russell Wilson

When the Denver Broncos made the trade for Russell Wilson this past offseason with the Seattle Seahawks, it was in order to take their offense to the next level after years of stagnation following the retirement of Peyton Manning. But to say that it’s been underwhelming so far would be an understatement and a half.

They picked up their first win on Sunday night against the San Francisco 49ers, but with two of those points being given to them by virtue of a hilarious safety from Jimmy Garoppolo, and Wilson only having 201 yards of offense through the air and on the ground, things are certainly not looking great for him.

You have to wonder how long it’s going to be before some serious changes are made, either to the playbook, or to the men in charge of calling the plays themselves, because having given up so much to get him, he is starting to look like a major bust so far.

2 – The Punt Fumble

When we look back on NFL lore, there are always some great bloopers that will be stuck in our memories forever, and this weekend we got another one to add to the list, as Miami Dolphins punter Thomas Morstead smacked the ball directly into the backside of blocker Trent Sherfield against the Buffalo Bills.

Video: Miami Dolphins pull off an epic fail v the Buffalo Bills:

Whether or not it’s bigger or funnier than the Butt Fumble of 2013, we’ll leave up to you to decide, but when you consider the circumstances, the New York Jets for instance never had a chance to win that game, whereas this one gave the Bills a slightly better chance to win, we personally think this was funnier.

1 – Fly, Eagles Fly

I think it’s time that we take the Philadelphia Eagles seriously as a contender for the Super Bowl. The defense showed that they can cause anyone problems with their incredible performance that included 9 sacks against the Washington Commanders, whilst Jalent Hurts began to put himself firmly in MVP consideration as he continued to put up some impressive numbers, throwing for 340 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Video: Philadelphia Eagles defense sacks Carson Wentz yet again:

They aren’t quite at the top of our power rankings (more on them to come later today), but if they carry on the way they do, then there’s nothing to stop them getting there sooner rather than later.

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