Brazil 1970 World Cup Final: Carlos Alberto’s iconic goal in 4K quality


Brazil’s team for the 1970 World Cup will go down as one of, if not the most talented, exhilarating team to watch of all time, with stories still told about their greatness today and their legacies lasting for generations.

The side consisted of greats such as the imperious Pele, elusive Jaizhinho and the incredible Carlos Alberto to name just a few.

Back in the 1970 World Cup final, the Brazilians triumphed over Italy 4-1 in a dominant performance, with Alberto making a name for himself with the defender rounding off the scoring in emphatic fashion.

Brazil vs Italy 1970 World Cup final

Pele opening the scoring in the final after just 18 minutes, but the Italians were level before the break thanks to Roberto Boninsegna.

However, after the hour mark, the Brazilian outfit went through the gears to obliterate their European opponents, with Gerson and Jairzinho putting the game to bed before the Alberto strike ensured the victory.

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It meant that the South American giants clinched a third World Cup title, going on to add two more to that by 2002 to see them boast an impressive five stars above their crest.

Pele is arguably the greatest male footballer in history.

Brazil vs Italy in 4K

Back in 1970, the camera quality was nowhere near the level it is today, with old highlights a tough watch, even towards the start of the millennium, let alone at the start of the 70s.

However, Brazil’s iconic team has been given the 4K treatment, with Carlos Alberto’s goal that sealed a great final for his nation looking better than ever, with the footage clearer than we could have imagined.

Pele’s nonchalant assist before the defender powered the ball beyond a sorry Enrico Albertosi looks even better in 4K, and hopefully sets us up to see more highlights from this sort of era in such quality. 1966 World Cup final next anyone?!

Video: Carlos Alberto’s World Cup final goal

It’s just like watching Brazil

The nation built a footballing reputation on their incredible flair and trickery, entertaining crowds wherever they went with their dominant and attractive style of football.

Thus leading to fans in England chanting ‘It’s just like watching Brazil’ when their side is playing well and all over their opponent to ironically link their team to arguable the greatest footballing nation of all time.

A large part of that is down to this era of Brazilian football, and now we can see it in 4K, including one of the greats of the game, Pele.

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