Floyd Mayweather’s reaction to his bodyguard’s KO captured on film


Floyd Mayweather returned to action last weekend in Japan where he was taking on home MMA star, Mikuru Asakura in an exhibition bout.

Typical for most boxers, whilst he was preparing for the fight backstage, going through his final preparations, he had an eye on the event which included his bodyguard Jizzy Mack.

After the event in Japan, the undefeated 50-0 ace is back in action in a few weeks’ time when he takes on KSI’s younger brother Deji early in November which will see another YouTuber take a shot at the GOAT.

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Floyd Mayweather vs Mikuru Asakura

It was Money’s fourth venture into exhibition boxing, securing another knockout/tactical knockout of Japanese MMA stars.

He condemned Asakura to the same fate as Tenshin Nasukawa, with the victory over the former coming in just the second round, an easy night’s work for Mayweather.

The iconic boxer has only had four exhibition fights, but he clearly is stepping it up now by adding more in quick succession, it’s clearly a walk in the park for the former champion.

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather 'ruining his legacy'
Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has been warned he is ‘ruining his legacy’

Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguard knocked out

On the night, the co-main event saw Jizzy Mack, Mayweather’s bodyguard, take on Koji Tanaka, but his performance won’t have filled his client with confidence.

The bodyguard, who is actually called Ray Sadegh was brutally knocked out, resulting in him facepalming the canvas, with Mayweather watching on from his dressing room.

In absolutely priceless fashion, Mayweather’s reaction to the KO was caught on camera and shared on social media for us all to see.

Video: Floyd Mayweather watches Jizzy Mack get knocked out

@rizinffofficial #フロイドメイウェザー #ジジ #floydmayweather #Jizzy#floydmayweather8 #RIZIN #ライジン @Floyd Mayweather ♬ Stronger – Kanye West

We’ve got Rizin FF Official’s TikTok account to thank for capturing the hilarious video, giving us insight into his reaction to the loss as it happened.

It’s such a classic reaction from Mayweather, who wasn’t concerned by his bodyguard dropping to the floor face first, but instead found it funny.

Money just carries on about his business as usual without even flinching, and in fact smirks at the knockout, surely it’s not a good sign seeing the man meant to protect you being sent to the ground that easily?!

Floyd Mayweather is widely regarded as the greatest fighter of his generation

If you see an advert to be Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguard in the coming weeks don’t be shocked! Just make sure you’ll be able to win your fight on his undercard!

Obviously that’s in jest, Mayweather didn’t look concerned at all!

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