Saraya: Ex-WWE star Paige torn apart for terrible AEW promo

Paige (Saraya) debuted for AEW last night

Former WWE Superstar Paige, who is now going by the name of Saraya, has been making her appearances for the AEW brand after her contract with the WWE expired.

She suffered a brutal injury during a match with Sasha Banks, forcing her to retire, with the former champion being placed on the no-contact list.

Following her retirement at the age of just 25 years old following the injuries she suffered, Paige became the General Manager for SmackDown, although she has now left the organisation for AEW.

Paige in the WWE

In 2018, following WrestleMania 34, Paige announced she was forced to retire due to the string of serious head and neck injuries, with the organisation keeping her employed.

Vince McMahon kept her on as the General Manager for SmackDown, although her five-year stint in the role came to an end, with the former chairman opting against renewing her contract.

The door back was potentially open with Triple H replacing McMahon, although that return is off the cards, with her appearing to be a wrestler again in AEW, although as of yet it is unclear as to whether or not she has the green light to compete.

Paige’s AEW promo

Part of the English star’s promo on AEW has been doing the rounds on social media given how cringeworthy it was.

When delivering the promo, Paige said: “You of all people are trying to make fun of my name? Well doctor, your name rhymes with s**t.”

It was poorly received, with fans and colleagues not sure what they had just seen, after a while out, Paige clearly needs to work on her promo skills again if she is to have a successful return to the ring.

Fans react to Paige’s promo

WWE Paige
WWE Paige

Fans were quick to comment on the promo, with one saying: “The silence, the “…what?”, the “woah”. I am losing my mind.”

Another added: “This is terrible. This isn’t it anymore.”

An additional tweet read: “Bruh. Maybe should’ve just stayed home. Whether that was scripted or off the hip that roast was most definitely s**t’.”

Someone else tweeted: “The more I see of this promo the worse it gets.”

With another saying: “Her looking around into the crowd to see if that line worked or not… Brutal.”

Video: Paige’s AEW promo can be seen below

It’s safe to say people were far from impressed with what they saw from the former champion, although the ring rust will surely wear off in the coming weeks.

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