Finn Balor: 10 things you didn't know about ex- WWE Universal Champion

Finn Balor returned to NXT in 2019

Finn Balor is one of WWE‘s best performers, with his incredible athleticism and wrestling ability wowing fans down the years.

Balor made his name as Prince Devitt in Japan before joining WWE in 2014, debuting on the NXT brand. He was NXT Champion before moving to Raw and winning the Universal Championship.

He has since won the US and Intercontinental Titles, as well as the NXT Title for a second time.

Balor’s talents have been largely underutilised on the main roster but with him now the leader of Judgement Day and Triple H calling the shots, things are looking up. Finn is set to take on Edge in an “I Quit” match at Extreme Rules on Saturday October 8th.

Taking this into consideration, there still might be a few things about the Irishman that fans are still not aware of, so GiveMeSport takes you through 10 things you didn’t know about Finn Balor…

He made his wrestling debut in 2001

After training in the UK at NWA Hammerlock, the real-life Fergal Devitt made his debut on 23rd November 2001. He quickly captured the NWA British Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship. A sign of things to come.

He trained two fellow Irish superstars

Finn, along with friend Paul Tracey, set up NWA Ireland, a training school, in the early 2000s. Here he began training a 15-year-old Becky Lynch and a 12-year-old JD McDonagh.

Finn Balor trained Becky Lynch in Ireland
Finn Balor trained Becky Lynch in Ireland

Why his name was changed in Japan

He signed a contract with New Japan Pro-Wrestling in Match 2006, making his debut a month later under the ring name Prince Devitt. He later stated that the name change was due to Fergal being hard to pronounce for Japanese fans, and him being too young to be called King.

He wrestled under a different ring name briefly in Japan

The Prince wrestled on the Wrestle Land briefly in mid-2006 as the Pegasus Kid, debuting under a mask. He reverted back to his original name shortly after.

He wrestled Bryan Danielson in an NWA tournament

In 2007, NWA held a tournament to crown a new World Heavyweight Champion. Devitt made it to the quarter final before falling to Bryan Danielson. Oddly, the two never had a match while in WWE.

Finn Balor found Bullet Club in 2013
Finn Balor found Bullet Club in 2013

He is the original leader of Bullet Club

Bullet Club is one of the most famous wrestling stables in recent times, and Devitt was a founding member in 2013. The villainous foreigner-only group has been a staple of NJPW ever since, with the likes of AJ Styles, Kenny Omega, Adam Cole and Cody Rhodes being members.

The meaning behind the “Finn Balor” name

Like so many others, a ring name change was needed when Devitt signed with WWE in 2014. The name Finn Balor has deep connections with Irish mythology, with Finn McCool being a mythical Irish warrior and Balor a king of a group of supernatural beings.

He defeated two of WWE’s top stars in his first month on the main roster

Within a month of joining Raw in the 2016 draft, Balor was the first-ever Universal Champion. Sadly, this lasted just one night due to a shoulder injury. However, en route to the title, he defeated both Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, a feat few WWE stars can say they have achieved.

Finn Balor was the first Universal Champion
Finn Balor was the first Universal Champion

He loves comic books and Lego

Balor’s love of comic books and villains helps explain his “Demon King” persona as it pulls on the Joker and Venom characters. He has said collecting Lego has stuck from childhood and is his favourite thing to do in his spare time.

He is a Tottenham Hotspur fan

Like many people in Ireland, Balor supports an English club side, Spurs in his case. He followed his older brother in supporting them in the 1980s. He has attended games and was on Fox Sport for the 2019 MLS All-Star Game discussing Spurs, WWE and everything in between.

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