Floyd Mayweather spending cash in Louis Vuitton shop is surreal


Floyd Mayweather has been living up to his nickname whilst out in Japan, splashing some of his recent earnings from his exhibition bout with homeland MMA fighter, Mikuru Asakura.

He knocked him out inside two rounds to show us all why he was one of the greatest to ever do it, making it look so easy despite being retired from professional fights.

Next, he has a fight lined up for the start of November against YouTuber Deji and is in talks with Conor McGregor for a huge rematch with the UFC legend.

Floyd Money Mayweather splashes the cash

The 50-0 boxer was filming himself out in Japan, spending an eye-watering amount of money in the Louis Vuitton shop, one of the biggest fashion designers in the world, and in turn, their items certainly don’t come cheaply.

 He is at the counter and is counting out the money with a friend of his for over a minute, with huge stacks of cash in his other hand, let’s face it, he’s one of the few people who could probably have gone into the store and cleared it out with just cash.

Dripping in designer gear, Mayweather is clearly keen on his fashion and wants to look good at all times, so I’d imagine he made plenty of other stops on his Japanese shopping spree recently.

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather 'ruining his legacy'
Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has been warned he is ‘ruining his legacy’

Floyd Mayweather in Japan

When purchasing the goods, he turns to the camera and says: “That’s what we do, living life having fun.”

He certainly is doing just that, after another major payday, he’s just out there spending the money freely, knowing he has other upcoming bouts to line his pockets.

Money has never been short of just that, with his illustrious career in the sport seeing him earn a ridiculous amount of money through his own immense talents and subsequent sponsorship deals.

Video: Floyd Mayweather splashes the cash in Louis Vuitton

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Floyd Mayweather net worth

Mayweather is estimated to be worth $460 million, something that is only going to keep increasing with his continued exhibition bouts.

The strangest thing of this whole debacle isn’t seeing Mayweather with an obscene amount of money or splashing said cash whilst out shopping, it’s the fact he still carries cash like it isn’t 2022!

It’s all part of his show though, showing off just how much money he has. Everyone knows he’s insanely wealthy, but him carrying such large amounts of money is a gentle reminder to those who may have forgotten.

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