Los Angeles Chargers: ESPN analyst has big concerns on team's 'enormous problem'

Joey Bosa, Justin Herbert, Keenan Allen

The Los Angeles Chargers might already be done for this season as a result of one crucial thing, according to ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky. 

The Los Angeles Chargers feel like a team who are in a ‘this is our year’ mode in the 2022 NFL season. With franchise quarterback Justin Herbert having taken huge steps forward as he enters his third year in the league, and the defense adding the likes of Khalil Mack, they have put together a very well-balanced side that looked like it could put up a fight against anyone in the league on any given day.

However, despite the season only being three weeks old, things are already starting to unravel for them. They picked up a win in their first game against the Las Vegas Raiders, but have suffered back-to-back losses against their division rivals the Kansas City Chiefs before being blown out at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars, leaving them with a 1-2 record.

Now that isn’t exactly a disaster, especially with the division-leading Chiefs only being at 2-1, so they can quickly come back and take over that division lead with a couple of wins. For them though, the problems are possibly more long-term, as they are currently going through a rather monumental injury crisis that is affecting the entire roster.

Los Angeles Chargers racking up the medical bills

A recent article from ESPN laid out just how problematic the problem is. Herbert has a fractured rib cage that looks like it could cause him some problems throughout the rest of the season, the offensive line that was built to protect him is taking their bumps too with veteran center Corey Linsley missing their most recent game and Rashawn Slater is set to miss the season with a bicep injury, whilst star wide receiver Keenan Allen has been absent for the last two games.

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The problems are just as great on the defense, with Joey Bosa possibly going on IR, although the Chargers hope that he can return whilst Second-team All-Pro cornerback JC Jackson not fully recovered from ankle surgery that he underwent in the summer. 

And Dan Orlovsky thinks that as a result of those, their season is in serious jeopardy of being over already if they can’t put a productive team on the field. 

Los Angeles Chargers losing their charge already?

Speaking on ESPN’s First Take (starting at 0:29), Orlovsky felt that as a result of their injury situation, the Chargers’ season might already be over before it even had a chance to get going:

It certainly is a worrying situation for the Chargers to be facing, especially given how tough the AFC West looks on paper. And if those key players aren’t back soon, then this could go down as a great opportunity missed this season to make a run for a Super Bowl trophy. 

And whilst this team is young for the most part, with the NFL all about parity, you never know when a chance like this could come back again.

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