Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool boss exposes the myth Alexander-Arnold can't defend

Liverpool FC v Crystal Palace - Premier League

Jurgen Klopp hit back at those who suggest Trent Alexander-Arnold can’t defend by explaining Liverpool’s tactics in depth.

Klopp had previously questioned Gareth Southgate’s decision to drop the Liverpool right-back from the England squad during the recent international break by saying: “My honest opinion would create headlines.”

However, later in his press conference ahead of Liverpool’s match against Brighton, Klopp went into detail about Alexander-Arnold’s role at the club.

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In an embargoed section, which was later released on Friday night, Klopp explained Liverpool’s high press and how Trent fits into it.

He goes into detail about what he expects from his full-back and why, often, he’s seemingly ‘out of position’. However, he’s not out of position because that’s exactly where Klopp has asked him to be.

The German boss breaks it down brilliantly to give a football education to those who believe Alexander-Arnold can’t defend.

It prompted a huge response on social media with many praising Klopp and the way he explains Liverpool’s tactics.

VIDEO: Jurgen Klopp gives football education to those who question Alexander-Arnold

The reaction on social media to Klopp’s comments

Fans react to Klopp's comments on Alexander-Arnold
Fans react to Klopp's comments on Alexander-Arnold
Fans react to Klopp's comments on Alexander-Arnold
Fans react to Klopp's comments on Alexander-Arnold
Fans react to Klopp's comments on Alexander-Arnold
Fans react to Klopp's comments on Alexander-Arnold
Fans react to Klopp's comments on Alexander-Arnold

Klopp’s comments on Alexander-Arnold in full

“What is he good at? That’s how we judge a player and develop the way we play,” he said. “Our high press, very often, not always but very often, Trent is the highest of all three at the back.

“So it means in the high-press situation, he’s the one who goes to the right and that’s the way we play football. Yes, you can say, ‘Well defend better.’ You cannot have everything. If you want to high press, you need players in these positions.

“Either put a striker wider to cover that area or the midfield are higher, or we cover that last line with three players plus Fabinho, or whoever plays as the six, and have him higher.

“Now we don’t get the ball there and the next ball goes long on that side. Now Joel, Joey, Ibou, whoever plays there on that side, has to cover that but that’s fine. That’s the risk we take. It’s not a crazy risk, we win the ball in nine out of 10 times. In that one moment where we don’t win it, people ask, ‘Where’s Trent?’ That’s a question I don’t understand.

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“Everybody watches football that often and that long, why would you then say, ‘He has to be there. That’s his main job’? Did I tell him he has to be there? No. We press extremely brave, when we are good. We defend bad when we didn’t press brave.

“We were waiting a little bit because people were thinking, ‘Will he still go?’ We are extremely brave in these situations and win balls with it. Now we don’t win the ball with it, that’s the nature of pressing.

“You bring more players than you need on the ball side to make it more likely to win the ball. That leaves a chance on the other side that you’ll get slightly exposed. It’s football. The pitch is too big to be everywhere with five players. He’s involved in that.

“The ball goes in behind. Again, not there. What’s going on? But there are other situations where he was not aware of the situation, where they pass the ball through him or there was a challenge he should have won. True.

Liverpool FC v Crystal Palace - Premier League

“But every player in the league has these challenges. Every player. With him, you pick it out and analyse so easily. Our experts are sitting there and see, in this situation, it as a weakness. Honestly, I just don’t get it. I just don’t get that part of it.

“We just accept that a world class talent gets judged by the one thing he’s not as world class as in other things. If he wasn’t a good defender, he wouldn’t play.

“I cannot just tell him, ‘Whenever you get the ball, just wait there.’ He’s not a full-back. In other games, you have if you have the ball, give it to Trent, he will do something special. ‘Oh, he’s involved in everything and it’s absolutely fine. He’s doing well.’

“It’s not a criticism on anybody. We have different ideas, different match plans, different ways to play. And if that doesn’t fit with England, then yeah, that’s it.

“We cannot change it. The player can only offer what he can offer and I, or Gareth or whoever, makes a decision if that fits in the way we play. The player has to accept that, that’s the world we live in.”

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