Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson: WWE legend meets fan in wholesome footage

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson at movie premiere

The Rock is an incredibly massive name in both the WWE and film industry, and thus has built up a large fan base of admiring followers.

Many people out there would dream of meeting The Rock, but not everyone is lucky enough to meet the Attitude Era icon or their favourite actor.

However, when you do get the chance to meet him, it could be a huge moment if that’s what you’ve wanted, with one fan finding out just how overwhelming an experience could be.

Waited two hours to see The Rock

A video has gone viral of The Rock meeting one of his fans, with the young girl waiting two hours to finally meet her hero in the flesh after watching him on the screen for so many years.

It’s easy to get star struck when meeting someone of The Rock’s calibre, and this fan certainly felt the full force of that when the man mountain approached her.

She is struggling to get her words out when asking him for a picture, but The Rock, who will have been in this situation countless times, knew what to do to make it easier for her and to take the picture she desperately wanted.

The Rock is rumoured to be coming back to WWE this year
The Rock is rumoured to be coming back to WWE this year

The Rock makes a fan’s day

The Rock took matters into his own hands, taking a selfie with the fan on her phone because he has ‘long arms’ before passing the phone off to the other people with the fan to take a picture of the two as well.

He makes sure it’s perfect, adjusting their position to get the best lighting for a photo with the street lamps having to do the business with it dark during the encounter.

As the fan was shaking, The Rock tried to calm her down and ‘shake it off’ as he showed his class, thanking the fan for waiting and saying that it was a pleasure to meet her.

Video: The Rock meets a fan and shows his class

He ends the encounter by taking the phone from Carol, the fan, and filmed a little video message for her too, introducing them both and asking her questions, something she’d be able to post on social media as a cool keepsake.

It just goes to show the class of the man, but also his incredible skills at interacting with fans and giving them what they want but also making them feel at ease in situations like this one.

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