WWE: Vince McMahon in hysterics after breaking character thanks to legend


WWE use plenty of techniques and segments to fill time on air in between matches, with promos and backstage sketches being used to emphasise storylines and add depth to what is going on.

That’s always been the case for the shows, with most Superstars having their turn with the mic or getting involved in backstage drama.

We’ve seen plenty of interesting backstage/behind the scenes segments that are incredibly entertaining, especially those that go further into the unordinary. Sometimes we see Superstars confronting their rivals at their home or in other unsuspecting places.

Vince McMahon and Booker T segment

Booker T is a WWE Hall of Famer, being inducted back in 2013 for his unbelievable commitment to the brand and his insane ability in the ring.

Way back in the day, Booker T was locking horns with Stone Cold Steve Austin, with the pair playing out an intense rivalry which fans lapped up.

So as part of the storyline, Booker T and Vince McMahon were on the phone, with The Booker Man entertaining us all despite not being on camera.

Booker T makes Vince McMahon break character

Booker T was on the phone to McMahon, talking to him about his rivalry with Stone Cold, with the boss not able to keep a straight face during the segment.

When on the phone, Booker T says: “I’m at a place Austin will never find me, I’m in church.” McMahon was taken aback by the comment and looks flabbergasted, retorting: “Say what?!”

To which T reiterates: “I’m in church… I’m getting ready to play some bingo, don’t worry about a thing, I’m safe and sound. I’m getting ready to do my thing with my brothers and sisters, and can you dig it?”

Video: Vince McMahon breaks character whilst talking to Booker T

Vince McMahon breaks character

The emphasis on the word ‘bingo’ from Booker T sent McMahon into a fit of laughter, with him clearly finding it hilarious, whether it was how he said the word, or if it was an inside joke, McMahon clearly couldn’t help himself.

Normally such a stern faced character, to see McMahon break character that much is a rarity, something not many would be able to do, so hats off to Booker T for managing to get that laugh out of him.

A multiple-time champion in the WWE, Booker T will go down as an all-time great, but the cracking up of McMahon on air should certainly make his highlight reel.

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