Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari: F1 teams and their international football equivalents

Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari: F1 teams and their international football equivalents

Earlier this year, we made a list of Formula One teams having their own Premier League equivalent, but this time we’re using the concept to look at international football teams.

Once again, we’ve taken a look at a list made by SRLSport on Instagram where they have stated which Formula One team best matches a certain international side.

Red Bull – Spain

Dominating the early 2010s, Red Bull and Spain are well oiled machines that have won everything they possibly can in their respective fields and are top competitors on the track and pitch.

A combination of experience and youth such as Andres Iniesta and Max Verstappen has led them to glory in recent times, and they know exactly what they want from their players and drivers to get the best results.

Ferrari – Brazil

Both the most historically successful teams in their sport, respected by all their opponents, but don’t quite strike the same fear into the hearts of their peers as they used to.

While they have dominated in years gone by, their recent successes have been few and far between, but each can still hold their own with a good blend of youngsters and the old guard.

Carlos Sainz could be Neymar, while Charles Leclerc could be Vinicius Jr. Either way – all of them have got flair in some type of way.

Video: Which international team are Red Bull & Ferrari?

Alpine – England

Controversy never seems too far away and plenty dislike them, particularly England, but they can challenge for the top and had some success here and there when things have gone in the right direction.

However, any victory they get seems to feel like it happened many moons ago, but there could be potential for them to climb to the top at some point if everything clicks into place for Harry Kane and Esteban Ocon.

McLaren – Germany

A true great in their sports and known by virtually everyone, but certainly have seen a decline in recent years compared to past successes.

Even despite their younger cores now, Lando Norris and Kai Havertz’s times to win titles for their team still may or may not come.

Video: Which international team are Alpine & McLaren?

Aston Martin – Sweden

As a team, both haven’t really been able to achieve much, but there have been some good individual performances which have shocked the world in recent times.

Previously led by experience who are no longer at the top, while still showing glimpses of their best days, the prime of their careers seems like a distant memory for the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Sebastian Vettel.

Haas – USA

This makes a lot of sense since Haas are American owned, but they are definitely the newest kids on the block.

It can also be asked whether or not they have potential to have drivers and players, such as Mick Schumacher and Christian Pulisic, that can be realised or not to make them a great of their respective fields.

Video: Which international team are Aston Martin & Haas?

Williams – Hungary

Both are old greats of their sport where the older generations will tell you how good they were way back when, even though they haven’t won anything in a long time.

However, on their day, they can go head to head with the giants on the track and pitch, put up a good fight and give a good account of themselves.

AlphaTauri – Greece

Had some good showings in the past, but consistency of those good performances haven’t exactly been there and they haven’t had any good results for a while.

Even despite having talent within their squads, they haven’t really been able to make that work for the benefit of their team.

Video: Which international team are Williams & Alpha Tauri?

Mercedes – France

Both one of the most dominant outfits of the last 20 years and have had their slump periods in mid-to-late 2000s as well, they still have won virtually everything there is to win.

In recent years, however, they have been very successful and have some of modern greats on show like Lewis Hamilton and Kylian Mbappe.

Alfa Romeo – Uruguay

A titan of their sports near the beginning with a lot to show for it, but haven’t really seen a great deal of success in the modern era on the track and the pitch.

Despite having big players, they have no new titles to show for it and their teams have underperformed in recent times.

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