WWE star's ridiculous body transformation that earned him shock world title win

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WWE Superstar Jinder Mahal underwent an incredible body transformation, earning him a shock run as World Champion.

In May 2017, Jinder Mahal shocked the world by beating Randy Orton to become WWE Champion for the first time.

Prior to this, Mahal had been nothing more than a jobber in WWE, so seeing him as the company’s top champion came as a huge surprise to pundits and fans.

Jinder Mahal’s insane body transformation

Jinder was brought into WWE in 2010 as part of the FCW developmental brand, before being brought up to the main roster in 2011.

He then joined 3MB a few years later, a group which ironically got over with the fans, before being released in 2014.

As part of the Brand Split in 2016, WWE wanted to bolster its rosters for both shows, so contacted Mahal to see if he’d be interested in coming back to be part of Raw, which he was.

However, Jinder looked nothing like he did the last time fans saw him, putting on a serious amount of muscle and turning into an utter machine during his time off, which you can see from the image below.

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Jinder Mahal's insane body transformation
Jinder Mahal’s insane body transformation

Jinder Mahal’s shock WWE Championship run

Jinder’s insane body transformation not only impressed WWE’s fans, but seemingly Vince McMahon too.

Less than a year after returning to the company, Mahal was given a WWE Championship at Backlash 2017 against Randy Orton, which everyone expected him to lose.

However, owing a lot to the incredible shape that he got himself into, Jinder ended up beating the wrestling legend, becoming World Champion for the first time in his career.

Mahal had a fairly long reign with WWE’s top prize too, only losing it just before Survivor Series in November 2017 to AJ Styles.

How did Jinder Mahal get into ridiculous shape?

So we know that Mahal got himself into the shape of his life after being let go by WWE, but how on earth did he do it?

Speaking to GQ in 2018, the current SmackDown star broke down what he did to get totally ripped, which included giving up alcohol completely and eating every two hours, amongst other things.

What I do now, what’s made the biggest change in my physique, is I eat every two hours and I eat the same portion meal – about 350 to 400 calories, about 30 grams of carbs and 30 to 40 grams of protein.

Jinder remains with WWE to this day, and while he has survived several rounds of budget cuts that we’ve seen since 2020, he hasn’t been featured as prominently as he was since his WWE title run five years ago.

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