Mike Tyson: New training footage of 56-year-old is simply frightening


Mike Tyson is a boxing icon, with many people lauding the former heavyweight champion as the greatest of all time in their opinion, with the vast majority placing him in the top couple of all-time greats of the sport.

He’s now 56 years old, but still loves the sport that turned him into a global superstar, talking about it on podcasts, indulging in the sport in every aspect, he genuinely adores it.

So much so, he’s taken part in exhibition fights as of late, despite being retired, with his speed and power still evident to see, even today.

Mike Tyson’s condition

Tyson has revealed that he is suffering from sciatica which when it flares up leaves him unable to talk, with fans recently concerned about his condition.

Whilst at an airport in Miami, Iron Mike was pushed in a wheelchair, leading many to believe his condition was seriously hampering him.

Recently, during interviews, he has also been seen using a walking stick to help him get by, adding cause for concern for fans about his condition.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 28: Mike Tyson reacts after receiving a split draw against Roy Jones Jr. during Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. presented by Triller at Staples Center on November 28, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Triller)

Mike Tyson new training video emerges

Despite all the worry for his health, Iron Mike’s most recent video should ease concern for fans, with him looking as ferocious as ever.

He’s back in the ring, training, going through a routine on the pads and looks as quick and powerful as ever, it’s hard to believe he was pictured in a wheelchair recently.

It’s incredible to see him in this sort of form, clearly still having all the skills in his locker that made him such a feared man during his career.

Video: Mike Tyson training at 56 years old

Fans love what they are seeing from Mike Tyson

A first commented: “Mike Tyson could be in the top 10 of heavyweight boxing today.”

Whilst someone else claimed: “And still the YouTube generation say this man was an average heavyweight…. 30 years ago.”

Another added: “I feel bad for the poor guy holding the pads.”

Mike Tyson has criticised Hulu for making a series about his life without his consent

With another comment reading: “Absolute machine!! The power, speed and stamina mind blowing.”

More comments read: “Wow. Props to the pad holder. I would be terrified.”

Whilst another fan said: “When I look at the current heavyweights, I don’t seen any of them absorbing Mike Tyson’s punches.”

Mike Tyson Exhibition

Iron Mike last took to the ring almost two full years ago, going toe-to-toe with Roy Jones Jr, giving us another chance to see the great man once again in the ring, and hopefully it isn’t for the last time.

Obviously his health scares make it unpredictable as to whether or not we’ll get another exhibition bout from the former heavyweight champion, although the recent footage of his training is a good indication he still has the ability to do it.

Understandably, he’ll want to keep in the best shape possible and will continue to work out, so the fact he is training could just be for fitness rather than eyeing any possible exhibition fights in the future, although who would say no to seeing Iron Mike back in action?

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