Champions League: Hilarious moment Thierry Henry is mugged off by Arsenal question

Henry looking surprised.

Thierry Henry has been loving life on punditry duties for CBS Sports throughout their Champions League coverage.

The Arsenal icon has become a crucial part of what must surely be the most entertaining quartet in football broadcasting right now alongside Micah Richards, Jamie Carragher and presenter Kate Abdo.

While the way that television has handled match coverage in recent years has undoubtedly become less formal across the board, you’d be hard-pressed to name a more entertaining line-up than the CBS crew at the moment.

Funny new segment on CBS Sports

From one of TV’s most hilarious segments in ‘The Mixer’ to the constant banter between the pundits on duty, a Champions League night rarely ever goes by without a clip from the CBS programme going viral.

As such, it will come as no surprise to learn that Wednesday night’s coverage of games such as Manchester City vs Copenhagen, Chelsea vs AC Milan and Benfica vs Paris Saint-Germain was absolutely no different.

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A nice easy start…

And the aforementioned Henry found himself at the centre of the hilarity when he played an amusing game called: ‘Hi, my name is…’ alongside his usual broadcasting pals.

The idea was that Abdo would read a series of clues teasing a footballer with each snippet increasing the pundits’ chances of establishing who it is, leading them to buzz and say the name within the phrase.

In other words, if we were to talk about a seven-time Ballon d’Or winner who is Barcelona‘s top goalscorer in history and captains Argentina, then you would slam the buzzer and proudly declare: ‘Hi, my name is Lionel Messi.’

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Henry caught out by ‘Hi, my name is…’

However, as Henry found out, things wouldn’t be quite that easy as Abdo and the CBS production team were clearly rather cheeky by way of throwing in a few red herrings that could even make the pundits believe the question was about them.

And although Henry, Carragher and Richards eventually got the point with those devious clues later in the game, boy did it catch out the resident Gunners legend straight out the gate with the first question.

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In what made for a genuinely hilarious moment of TV, Abdo slowly read out: “I was inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame… I am one of seven players to score a hat-trick in consecutive Premier League appearances… I was Arsenal’s top scorer six seasons in a row…”

At which point, a smug-looking Henry hit his buzzer and declared: ‘Hi, my name is Thierry Henry,’ only to find out that he was completely wrong and was duly deducted 10 points.

Just as you’d expect, Carragher and Richards proceeded to burst out laughing in hysterics, while Henry’s facial expression changed in an instant at the realisation that he’d been mugged off.

Henry on media duties.
Soccer Football – Ligue 1 – AS Monaco v Olympique Lyonnais – Stade Louis II, Monaco – September 11, 2022 Former AS Monaco coach and player Thierry Henry before the match REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

Why was Henry wrong?

The answer, in case you’re wondering, was Ian Wright because the final clue – which Henry had negated by way of buzzing too soon – was read out as: “I am Kate Abdo’s favourite pundit to work with.”

Up until that point, every clue had indeed been applicable for both Wright and Henry, but that amusing little snippet at the end revealed recently in ‘The Mixer’ caught him out a treat.

So be sure to check out the moment that CBS got Henry hook, line and sinker as well as all the hilarity that came afterwards because, believe it or not, Frenchman went onto win the game despite incorrectly guessing himself yet again for another question.

Video: Henry mugged off for getting question wrong on live TV

A hilarious segment on TV

Bless you, Thierry, they were out to get you there in your defence!

And to be fair to Henry, he was a lot braver with his buzzer than Richards and especially Carragher, who hit rock bottom when naming ‘Xherdan Shaqiri’ for the answer to a series of clues including: “I am a two-time African player of the year.”

Most importantly, though, it made for yet another side-splitting segment on what is proving to be a football programme of such brilliance that fans would be delighted if it was played on this side of the pond too.

Arsenal legends Henry and Wright.
Football – Arsenal v Manchester City – FA Barclays Premiership – Highbury Stadium – 05/06 , 22/10/05 Pre Match Ceremony for Arsenal all time record goalscorer Thierry Henry / Ian Wright is present to give him award Mandatory Credit: Action Images / David Jacobs NO ONLINE/INTERNET USE WITHOUT A LICENCE FROM THE FOOTBALL DATA CO LTD. FOR LICENCE ENQUIRIES PLEASE TELEPHONE +44 207 298 1656.

Though, maybe Henry would want to contain the size of the audience in front of which he’s embarrassed. Unlucky, Thierry; better luck next time.

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