Floyd Mayweather vs Deji: KSI's brother 'cried himself to sleep' after back-to-back defeats

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Deji 'cried himself to sleep' after back-to-back defeats

KSI‘s brother Deji has revealed that he ‘used to cry myself to sleep’ at night after suffering back-to-back stoppage losses to Jake Paul and Vinnie Hacker.

The British YouTube star, 25, is set to take on Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match next month in Saudi Arabia on November 13.

It comes as somewhat as a surprise given the fact that he lost three fights in a row before picking up the first win of his career over Fousey on the undercard of KSI’s two victories over Swarmz and Luis Pineda respectively.

But the younger Olatunji admitted that he originally thought of himself as ‘a failure’ after his early struggles.

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Why did Deji cry himself to sleep?

Deji v Floyd Mayweather takes place in Dubai next month
Deji v Floyd Mayweather takes place in Dubai next month

“I’ve actually never admitted this any time, this is mad, I used to cry myself to sleep a lot,” he said during an appearance on ‘The True Geordie’ podcast per The Mirror.

 “I would just be like ‘I’m a failure, what’s my actual purpose?’ No-one [knew], honestly that was just a me moment and I was doing stupid stuff like spending stupid amounts of money just to kind of cope with things.

“People were saying ‘oh Deji did so well’ in the Jake fight, but I took a loss as a loss and I let that loss get to me. I was a very confident guy, and after that loss I kind of became sheltered, I didn’t go out as much – I took the loss way harder essentially than I should have.

“Obviously I didn’t take the fight seriously and I was being clowned, being told ‘see you could have been Jake if you just put the work in’ and that kind of thing. It was multiple people being like ‘see, you should have done this or that’, so I just let it get to me way harder than it should have.

“Before this whole boxing thing I was just doing my thing, this bubbly guy and I was like ‘screw it let me do this boxing fight’. The whole build-up to the boxing fight was fun as well, I didn’t really take it that seriously and I was always going to s*** talk.”

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However he said he decided to take it seriously after getting a verbal kick up the backside from his close pal and chef Shane.

“Before the Vinnie fight, I had a chat with Shane,” he added. “There was no press conference or anything.

“And he said to me that when his friends bad mouthed me he couldn’t say anything nice. I hadn’t really shown anything good, he said ‘right now you’re not enjoying it, you can see that there’s no happiness there’, and I was forcing a character or something. I was taken aback that he said that and he was like ‘why don’t you show people what you can really do in the ring? I know you can fight’.

“But then when the Vinnie Hacker fight came around I took the p*** again. I am lazy, not as lazy as I used to be, but I was always handed things quite easily and even boxing I grasped quite easily. I essentially got things given to me, not that I wanted them given to me because I remember saying at the beginning of my whole YouTube thing with JJ that I don’t want it to be where I got everything from him. I wanted to kind of show that I can do things myself as well.”

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