Chris Eubank Jr vs Conor Benn: Clip of old Benn interview emerges and it's aged terribly

Chris Eubank Jr has revealed his next three potential opponents as he prepares to face Conor Benn

An old clip of Conor Benn slamming drug cheats and claiming that the use of PEDs ‘baffles’ him is going viral following his own failed drug test ahead of his big bout against Chris Eubank Jr.

Fighting fans have reacted with shock and disappointment following the joint announcement by Matchroom Boxing and Wasserman that Benn had tested positive for trace amounts of clomifene on Wednesday, forcing Saturday’s heavily anticipated bout to be cancelled.

While the two fighters and their teams reportedly wanted the fight to proceed anyway, the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC) has not permitted the fight to go ahead, and Eubank Jr. has shown no restraint in showing how he feels about Benn’s failed anti-doping test.

Chris Eubank Jr. responds to fight cancellation on Twitter

Reacting to the controversy on Twitter, Eubank first stated: “Conor got caught using an illegal substance so the fight is off.

“Can’t believe it. I really apologise to the fans & everyone that bought tickets, traveled & booked hotels, this should not of happened. He has escaped his schooling… for now.”

Conor Benn vs Chris Eubank Jr: Everything you need to know

However, it did not take long for the more taunting side of Eubank Jr. to come out, posting another tweet about having never failed a drugs test in ten years and being a “#CleanAthlete”, before reposting an old video of Benn which stinks of hypocrisy as Benn slanders drug users in the sport.

The fight between Chris Eubank Jr and Conor Benn has been called off

The clip was taken from a Sky Sports interview with Benn in 2019 following the news that Jarrell Miller had failed a drug test ahead of his fight with Anthony Joshua.

On such a controversy, Benn certainly had a lot to say and it is not a good look for Benn now following his own failed test.

Conor Benn interview resurfaces

The WBA Continental welterweight champion said to Sky Sports: “I can’t believe it. Biggest night of your life, biggest fight of your career, and you get tested positive for a banned substance. It baffles me!”

Benn then continued to claim how strict he himself was when it came to what he takes:

Video: Conor Benn slams drug cheats in old interview

“Well my nutritionist, and I’m not even at world level, has a go at me for vitamin C tablets if they’ve not been tested! So the team he’s got round him should say ‘Check all your substances!’ You’re earning a few good quid here and why put that to risk!”

Well, whether Benn’s positive test is the fault of himself or his team’s, it is certain that he was definitely taking more than vitamin C tablets!

Conor Benn
Boxing star Conor Benn

The drug that the 26-year-old tested positive for is clomifene, a fertility drug that boosts androgen levels indirectly and works by stimulating the body’s own production of testosterone.

The anti-doping test fail and the fight’s cancellation is very disappointing news for boxing fans that were looking forward to see yet another ‘Eubank vs Benn’ fight thirty years since Chris Eubank (senior) and Nigel Benn faced off in their iconic bouts back in 1990 and 1993.

However, Eubank Jr. and Connor Benn are sure to face off soon enough with the fight hopefully rearranged soon, but only when Benn has cleaned up his act of course.

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