FIFA 23: Man Utd fan Mark Goldbridge getting sacked on career mode is hilarious

Mark Goldbridge FIFA 23 rant

Manchester United super-fan Mark Goldbridge has been sacked just seven episodes into his latest FIFA 23 career mode, and even worse, it’s by his own club that he created!

Goldbridge has been sacked by his own club, The United Stand (TUS), on his latest career mode managerial mission and unsurprisingly it made for some classic Goldbridge material!

Following a 2-1 away loss to Chelsea, Goldbridge received the email from his bosses that he had been relieved of his duties at the club he himself created, and it is fair to say that Goldbridge was pretty enraged by the decision.

Mark Goldbridge gets sacked on FIFA 23 Career Mode

Goldbridge exclaimed: “You can’t do that! You can’t do that! FIFA 23 is broken!” Before repeating “You can’t do that!” over and over again.

He even claimed that FIFA have “ruined” career mode and argued the premature sacking as “a f***ing joke made to get you to play mum’s credit card mode”, referencing of course the popular yet often expensive Ultimate Team game mode.

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‘Goldbridge ball’ seemed to be in full flow at the Sidemen FC vs YouTube All Stars charity match a couple of weekends ago, as Goldbridge managed the YouTube All Stars in a 15-goal thriller that raised more than £1 million for charity.

Video: Mark Goldbridge gets sacked on FIFA 23

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However, Goldbridge has clearly struggled to implement his famous Goldbridge ball system into the new FIFA, which has gained many negative reviews since its release last week.

Goldbridge claims that this is his first sacking, and some of the comments make for hilarious reads. @619_4li on Twitter commented:

“First it was Ole, then Tuchel, yesterday it was Lopetegui and today Goldbridge??? Safe to say that the prime football era is coming to an end.”

While another comment from @UTD_RonaldoGOAT said:

“Goldbridge realizing he can’t win without Speed”, referencing the relationship Goldbridge formed with fellow YouTuber IShowSpeed at the Sidemen vs YouTube All Stars charity match that fans enjoyed tremendously.

So, while FIFA 23 appears to be very harsh when it comes to manager’s fates, just like the modern Premier League in all fairness, at least it makes for very entertaining viewing if you follow Mark Goldbridge’s channels.

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