MMA referee dropped after taking brutal kick to the head

MMA basketball crossover is truly wild

How much crazy is too much crazy? Apparently, there’s never a limit when it comes to MMA and UFC.

If you do not quite believe us, perhaps this freak incident from an amateur bout will help change your mind.

Scott Manhardt, who’s been a referee for the best part of the last decade, was officiating just another bout between Ireland and Mexico. What happens next?

He finds himself on the wrong end of an outrageous flying kick from the Mexican fighter. Goes without saying that the kick had him floored and in all sorts, as you can see in the video.

While those who watched the video seemed to blame the referee for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, the man himself explained why he was there. He had to be there. 

MMA referee explains how he took a kick to the head

“It was just an explosive accident as well that doesn’t surprise me and the video they used, that a lot of the sites used, was the replay,” he said of the incident. 

“And the replay had the commentary talking, but not the horn. So there was a lot of comments about, ‘He was in the wrong position, why was he so close?’

MMA takes brutal kick to the head
Referee takes brutal kick to the head

“Things like that and it just is what it is. I can’t control the narrative.

“By far, that was the craziest thing that has ever happened to me in the cage, one in a million chance.

“I had to be where I had to be because it was the end of the round, I have to be prepared to separate them if needed.

Video: MMA referee takes brutal kick to the head

“And he happened to throw the strike just as the horn was going. So it is what it is.

“So by far that was the craziest thing that that happened.”

Speaking of crazy, Conor McGregor’s latest move is of the very ilk.

The Irishman has been out of action since his crushing defeat to Dustin Poirier; however, as he now recovers from injury with his sight set on a sensational return, he has a new move to treat us to, which he chooses to call “the tiocfaidh ar la”.

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Where was Conor McGregor born?

In simpler terms, it’s “A Fake spinning back kick into a back hand rifle.” At least that is how The Notorious chooses to describe it. 

Where and when would he be able to use it is anyone’s guess, seeing as there are plenty of rumours around concerning his next fight but none of them concrete. 

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