GTA 5: How to register as a CEO


GTA 5‘s Online mode has been out for years at this point but questions are continuing to be asked about exactly how you can become a CEO in the game.

There remains a huge amount of content within GTA Online even though we’re nearly a decade on from GTA 5’s release.

Now, the first question is why you would want to become a CEO in Grand Theft Auto.

As per Business Insider, you’re going to get some of the following perks if you do manage to become a CEO in GTA Online:

  • Hire bodyguards, buy ammo, drugs and armour and bribe the police.
  • Remove members from the minimap.
  • Purchase warehouses to hold “special cargo”.
  • Have an exclusive vehicle unlocked with every property purchased.
  • Buy a map of Los Santos with every Warehouse marked.

It’s worth becoming a CEO, then, because these exclusive benefits are absolutely mad.

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Once you do manage to become a CEO, too, it’s permanent, so it won’t disappear!

How to become a CEO in GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks: Rockstar Games release statement
Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks: Rockstar Games release statement

Follow these steps but be aware, you’re going to need a fair amount of cash for this!

  • Open your phone and go to the Internet.
  • Head to Dynasty8 Executive website.
  • Buy an executive office. You cannot become a CEO without this. They are between $1 million and $4 million, so build up your cash reserves first.
  • The options are as follows: Maze Bank West ($1m), Arcadius Business Centre ($2.25m), Lombank West ($3.1m) and Maze Bank Tower ($4m).
  • Now the office has been purchased, go to the Interaction Menu in the game. On PC, you’ll have to press M, Xbox you’ll have to hold View and on PS5, hold down the touchpad.
  • Go to SecuroServ.
  • Hit ‘Register as a CEO’.

That’s it.

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It does cost something close to a fortune but it’s well worth doing because it will massively improve your enjoyment of GTA Online.

Do you plan on becoming a CEO in GTA Online?

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