Worst proposals: Baseball fan slapped after gummy ring proposal at packed game

Fenway Park

Last Sunday at the Rogers Centre, Toronto finished with a franchise record 16 wins against Boston as they also put up 218 hits but that was arguably not the biggest takeaway of the encounter.

Instead, fans saw the makings of a viral video commence right in front of them.

A proposing fan was humiliated in front of the whole stadium in an proposal which wrong in a terrible but hilarious turn of events.

Before the main part of the incident, a clearly in love baseball fan pulls his girlfriends towards him and kisses her, whilst then commenting ‘I love you’.

He then proceeds to get down on one knee to the delight of his girlfriend who covers her mouth out of what seems to be a happy surprise. Whilst the proposal unfolds the stadium cameras all turn to show the moment.

However, the couple’s special moment drastically changes for the worse as the proposing boyfriend reveals a gummy bear ring from his trouser pocket.

Baseball fan slapped after gummy ring proposal at MLB game
Baseball fan slapped after gummy ring proposal at MLB game

At first sight of the Haribo, the girlfriend’s smiles disappears, and she slaps the boyfriend across the face without any hesitation.

Having seen the whole incident unfold on the jumbo screens, fans in the ground let off a collective groan.

The girlfriend’s reaction then gets even worse as she shouts, ‘what the f*** is wrong with you?’ and then throws her drink in his face before walking off.

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Tiktok, socials media’s home of short length videos created the platform for the video to go viral and sparked a big debate as to who was in the wrong within the video.

Social media users have commented on the fact that the women shouldn’t have reacted like that in a public space.

Another user has pointed out that it looks like there was a real ring in the other pocket.

Woman slaps boyfriend over gummy ring proposal
Woman slaps boyfriend over gummy ring proposal

Others have theorised that the whole incident was just an act due to how cleanly the comic incidents unfolded, as if they’d talked about what they were going to do before.

Whatever the case, we feel obliged to warn all those reading that this is not a good idea at all.

Pranking your significant other in front of a hoard of sports fans might make for some incredible viral content, but it probably won’t make for comfortable conversations on the home front.

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