Greatest snooker shot ever? Judd Trump's 2021 shot of the season

Greatest snooker shot ever? Judd Trump's 2021 shot of the season

Judd Trump was bestowed the ‘shot of the season’ award last year after an absolute belter of a shot, and quite frankly, it still needs explaining despite it being 21 months later.

The shot in question took place in the semi-finals of the 2021 German Masters. At the time, he was remarkably 5-1 down to his opponent Barry Hawkins, but that’s when his genius took over as he was eyeing the green ball in the top right pocket.

He had three balls to try and work his way around – the blue, black and brown ones to be exact – and he had to hit it across the entire distance of the table.

He managed to pull it off, but he also managed to get the white cueball into a perfect place so that he could pot the brown ball as well.

What won snooker’s shot of the season award in 2021?

This shot took place on January 31, 2021 and despite the many tournaments which followed last year, no other players could better Trump’s attempt at this awesome piece of skill.

It saw him win the shot of the season award, as already mentioned, but it also helped him on his way to an outstanding 6-5 comeback win over Hawkins, with the potting of the green ball having changed the momentum of the match.

Video: Judd Trump’s ‘shot of the season’ pot in 2021

His stay in the tournament depended on that shot and in order to win that match and advance, he simply had to take his chance, and boy did he!

What did Judd Trump say about his ridiculous pot?

Speaking to Eurosport after the match about the shot of dreams, he said: “To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever played a better shot, certainly not in a tournament. That shot really is once in a lifetime, to stop the white like I did.”

It’s safe to say a lot of snooker fans agree with him as well!

“What’s the physics on this shot?”, “What kind of wizardry is this…?'”, “Watched it so many times now and will never get bored of it” were just a few responses to the video posted.

Greatest snooker shot ever? Judd Trump's 2021 shot of the season
Greatest snooker shot ever? Judd Trump’s 2021 shot of the season

“Honestly if that shot was done on purpose…”, “Easily the best shot I’ve ever seen,” and “That cue ball had no right to stop that abruptly! Majestic judgment,” were just a few others.

Not only will that go down as the most memorable shot of his career, he would go on to win 9-2 in the final against Jack Lisowski to win his second German Masters title.

The only downside to the whole situation was there was no crowd in attendance to witness that piece of wizardry from the former world number one.

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With the COVID-19 pandemic still at one of its strongest in that time period, the German Masters was played behind closed doors.

Is this the best shot you’ve ever seen or have you seen something better?

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