Ronnie O’Sullivan 147: Rocket called maximum after potting first black


Ronnie O’Sullivan, for plenty of snooker fans, is the greatest of all time, although there’s plenty of competition from past greats and players still at the top of the table today.

The Rocket is known for his speedy style of snooker, aiming to entertain with his immense talent, recording the fastest ever 147 break, which will likely never be beaten, unless playing on a computer game!

Even in today’s game, where maximums are much more common, they’re still a special occasion whenever they happen, getting fans off their seats and giving them a truly special moment to cherish.

Ronnie O’Sullivan calls 147 on opening red and black

During a last 64 clash with Mark King in the 2010 World Open, O’Sullivan was 2-0 up in a best of three, needing just one more frame to clinch victory, something he did in style by producing a 147.

Often when going for a maximum, if the balls are in favourable positions and the first chunk of reds and blacks are down, the commentary team will start to get excited and talk about the potential, but not normally on the opening red, something O’Sullivan did in this 2010 clash.

After knocking in an easy opener and the following black, O’Sullivan asked referee Jan Verhaas if he could find out what the prize was for a maximum which is truly bizarre, even John Virgo claimed ‘only Ronnie’, whilst commentating.

Video: Ronnie O’Sullivan makes a maximum after calling it after first red and black

Whilst another official is trying to find out, O’Sullivan continues the break whilst continuing to talk with the referee, Virgo eluded to the high break prize getting £4,000, but wasn’t sure on any bonuses for a maximum.

After making 48, O’Sullivan was informed that there was no bonus for a maximum and pulled a face at the news before continuing. More recently we’ve seen him opt out of making a maximum, taking a solitary pink on to make a 146 on purpose to signal his disdain for no maximum bonus.

However, he had no such ploy on this occasion in 2010, making some great recovery pots after running out of position at times, but there was an added prize for O’Sullivan on this occasion, with making his 10th maximum, he surpassed the nine made by Stephen Hendry, on his home patch too. He was going to stop before potting the final black, but Verhaas and King both asked him to, so he powered it in.

Ronnie O’Sullivan vs Judd Trump: Champion of Champions Final

SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND – APRIL 26: Ronnie O’Sullivan of England plays a shot during the Betfred World Snooker Championship Quarter Final match between Ronnie O’Sullivan of England and Stephen Maguire of Scotland at Crucible Theatre on April 26, 2022 in Sheffield, England. (Photo by George Wood/Getty Images)

The Rocket is still at the top of his game today, the defending world champion, current world number one and now the new Champion of Champions following a 10-6 victory over Judd Trump in the final.

Ironically, Trump made a 147 of his own in the first session of the match, but wasn’t able to defend his crown and lost to a vintage O’Sullivan performance.

Despite that, O’Sullivan still made headlines for that maximum, by not getting out of his seat to congratulate Trump on the 147 which is obviously good sportsmanship and basically customary after every maximum.

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