KSI vs Dillon Danis: Fight announcement was more like WWE than boxing


KSI has announced his return to the boxing ring where he will take on Dillon Danis early next year, but it won’t be a two fight night for the YouTuber this time as he takes on the MMA fighter.

The fight will take place on January 14 in London, with KSI announcing the news last night at the ‘Misfits Boxing 3’ event which he is a part of himself, with Misfits boxing and DAZN set to team up once again to bring us this pay-per-view event.

It all kicked off on Friday when Danis ran up to KSI, punched him and ran off at the press conference, bringing media attention to their beef as the two will be settling the score pretty soon in the ring.

KSI announces fight with Dillon Danis

When the fight was announced last night, it was incredibly cringeworthy in terms of boxing, with KSI stood in the ring and announcing who his next opponent would be in a manner worthy of a promo in the WWE.

Danis then emerges from the top of the entrance ramp before making his way to the ring and starting beef with KSI once again, with the pair shouting at each other and over one another, so it was hard to make out what was being said.

The confrontation was the highlight of the night, with Hasim Rahman Jr also losing to boxing debutant Greg Hardy over their four rounds in the ring, including a knockdown on the professional boxer.

Video: KSI announces next fight against Dillon Danis

As you can see, it is very much like a scene you’d see in the WWE, however I guess that is the audience for the Misfits boxing events and influencer boxing, the demographic and target audience is pretty different to your standard professional boxing, but naturally there will be plenty of overlapping fans too.

Regardless of personal opinion on the new craze that is the Boxtuber scene, it is bringing a wave of new fans to the sport and taking it to a new audience, ultimately helping the sport of boxing moving forward, so you have to give credit where it’s due.

However, there’s no denying that it clearly is going in a different direction to what boxing traditionally is with the latest proceedings, I’m sure we’ll get a much clearer idea of what is happening with it come January 14.

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