Lewis Hamilton criticised for disrespectful press conference Snapchat story


Lewis Hamilton has come under some criticism for disrespecting his fellow drivers as well as members of the media during a press conference ahead of this weekend's Japanese Grand Prix.

The British driver was noticed by several of the broadcasting crew to be taking Snapchat selfies.

Hamilton used the "fox" and "rabbit" filters to take pictures of people present at the conference, including the head of Mercedes-Benz motorsport communications, Bradley Lord, and fellow drivers.

The 31-year-old was spotted laughing to himself as well as his former Mercedes partner, Fernando Alonso, who was sitting right next to him.

Another aspect of his Snapchat story to came under strong criticism was his use of a swear word.

Hamilton used the following caption: "This s*** is boring.", indicating the rather stale nature of the event, which is a regular fixture before any Grand Prix race.

The Sun's Ben Hunt, in particular, was unimpressed with the current world champion, stating that the driver's antics are disrespectful towards those in attendance and his use of foul language is irresponsible, especially due to a large contingency of his fan base being children.

Even The Times' Kevin Eason mentioned that the large Formula 1 following in Japan will be looking for an explanation from Hamilton regarding the incident.

The primary topic of discussion during the conference was Hamilton's chances of catching Nico Rosberg in the championship table, having lost 25 points in last weekend's race after suffering an engine failure.

Mercedes confirmed that the cause of the problem was a big-end bearing failure, but the journalists present at the event were keen to hear what the Brit had to say regarding the car, after he appeared to blame his team for the technical malfunctions.

Hamilton's Snapchat incident has certainly deflected a lot of the attention away from his woes on the track.


Several of his followers have steered away from criticising the driver, stating that the three-time world champion was simply engaging with his fans in a modern way and that the reporters present were simply not asking interesting questions.

However, this is an incident which is sure to divide opinion.

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