Petr Cech launches new brand of winter helmets


So we've reached October and you know what that means.

Cue the ridiculously early start to the build-up for Christmas as shops up and down the country try to flog you this winter's big trend.

What no one was expecting, however, was Petr Cech to jump on the bandwagon and start advertising a winter warmer of his own.

Back in 2006, Cech was involved in a serious collision with Reading's Stephen Hunt while playing for Chelsea and as a result, suffered a depressed skull fracture which nearly cost him his life.

The goalkeeper returned to action three months later but wore a protective helmet to reduce the chances of the injury repeating itself and hasn't played a game without it ever since.

Despite reportedly already earning a tidy £100,000-per-week, the former Czech Republic international has set up a potentially nice little earner on the side in the form of a new brand of helmets - designed especially for the winter.

And as all keen viewers of The Apprentice know, a good business needs a strong advertising campaign so Cech himself has starred in a brilliant video to raise the profile of his product.

You can watch the brief advert below but prepare yourselves for the 'Thug Life' ending.

You weren't expecting that, were you?

But we can confirm it is actually a thing and the special knitwear product - which features Cech's embroidered signature straight the down the middle - is now available to purchase for €31.20.

Arsenal face West Brom on Boxing Day this year and we can already picture the image of thousands of Gunners fans donning the helmet behind Cech's goal.

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