Sebastian Vettel won't be disciplined for foul-mouthed outburst


German driver Sebastian Vettel won't be penalised after his foul-mouth rant at the Mexican Grand Prix.

Vettel was incensed towards the end of Sunday's race after Red Bull's Max Verstappen ran off the track during a tight battle for third-place with Vettel, then would not cede his position to him. The German could be heard over the team radio telling the race director Charlie Whiting to 'f*** off' and also verbally attacked fellow driver Verstappen.

Despite wide-spread belief that he would be punished for his actions, it seems that he has been let off on this occasion.

He was warned by the FIA that similar actions in the future would be punished but Jean Todt, president of the FIA, decided "on an exceptional basis" that current disciplinary action would not be necessary.

It seems that a prompt apology from Vettel after the race may have saved him from disciplinary action, as an FIA statement said: "Immediately following this incident, Sebastian Vettel spontaneously sought out Charlie Whiting to express his regrets for his behaviour in person. 

He then, again on his own initiative, sent letters to each of the FIA president Jean Todt and Charlie Whiting, in which he apologised profusely for his actions."

F1 Grand Prix of Mexico

Verstappen was penalised for his actions at the end of the race, meaning he was dropped to 5th.

This meant Vettel was momentarily promoted to a third-placed podium finish before he received a penalty for dangerous driving and was dropped to 4th. Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo replaced both drivers in 3rd placed, behind Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. 

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