Paul Pogba mimics Conor McGregor's notorious walk


UFC’s Conor McGregor was the biggest talking point from the world of sport this weekend after he beat Eddie Alvarez to add the lightweight title to his featherweight title.

It means the Irishman made history to become the first person to hold two UFC titles at the same time.

Numerous sports stars paid tribute to McGregor on social media after his victory but Manchester United’s Paul Pogba took it one step further - literally.

During training with France, Pogba decided he would mimic McGregor’s famous Vince McMahon victory strut.The fighter has been seen strutting his stuff in the Octagon after a win, waving his arms around as he parades.

Pogba uploaded his walk to Instagram with the caption: “The notorious walk”.

While Pogba’s social media performance has been pretty impressive this season, his displays on the pitch have been fairly underwhelming.

Pogba became the world’s most expensive player when Jose Mourinho splashed £89 million on him this summer. While the Frenchman hasn’t set the Premier League alight since his return to Old Trafford, there is hope the midfielder is starting to find his feet.

The 23-year-old scored a magnificent goal during United’s 3-1 victory over Swansea in their previous league match and also scored for France during their win over Sweden last week.


If he scores again against Arsenal on Saturday, don’t be surprised to see a McGregor strut as his celebration.

As for McGregor, he will now take time out of UFC to look after his pregnant wife. But before he went, he delivered a quite brilliant victory speech.

"Not one bit was surprising, they are not at my level," he said.

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"They have got to have size, reach, length, you have got to have some attributes. If you come in any way equal to me I am going to rip your head off, it happens every time.

"Eddie is a solid competitor, Eddie is a warrior, but he shouldn't have been in here with me and that's just the truth of it.

"It has never been done before. Everything I have dreamed is a reality.

"I have spent a lot of time slating everyone in the company. I have ridiculed the entire roster and I just want to say from the bottom, I want to take this opportunity to absolutely nobody!"

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