James Harden says "I'm standing with LeBron"

US forward LeBron James (L) and US guard

LeBron James and Phil Jackson had a bit of a spat last week where, for some reason, the New York Knicks president came out and referred to the King's friends as his 'posse'.

While the rest of us have been left wondering what Jackson was thinking, plenty of people have got behind James and supported his right to be unhappy with the comments.

James' friends are a part of his entourage and actively help his brand from a variety of perspectives. LeBron felt that the racial connotations attached to the word 'posse' undermined their, and his value.

Kevin Durant said on Saturday that he is standing behind James and he thinks that Jackson has made an error. Carmelo Anthony, who plays for the Knicks, said something similar, too.

Now, another All-Star has lent his support.

James Harden is on fire this season after moving to the point guard spot, but rather than talking about his explosive form, Harden felt it was important to support James yesterday.

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“I’m standing with LeBron,” Harden said Sunday. “His friends or his business partners are not a posse. They work extremely hard for what they have; my friends as well. He stands up for what he believes in, and I’m in the same situation.”

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