Former NFL star says Tony Romo should just retire

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Joe Theismann says he told Tony Romo earlier this season that he "shouldn't play football anymore".

The former Redskins QB revealed his views and concerns about the Cowboys quarterback's situation in a video for TMZ in which he said the following: 

“I worry about Tony Romo the man, and the rest of his life. It’s one thing to have the collarbone, it’s another thing to have the back issues. He’s had three back problems. The collarbone hasn’t even been tested yet. But, knowing the kind of athlete he is, he’s exactly where I expected him to be. He’s not gonna give it up. He loves the game.”


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“I think Tony Romo has to stay as a Dallas Cowboy,” Theismann continued.

“He’s basically damaged goods. If you’re a general manager and you trade for him, first of all he’s probably going somewhere that doesn’t have near the weapons that they have around him in Dallas. Number 2, you know he’s not going somewhere where they have an offensive line like they have in Dallas. Number 3, for the last three years he’s been hurt and hasn’t finished a season.

"So why would you economically make the investment in someone that you don’t believe is going to be there for any length of time? And now he has age against him.”

The super bowl champion doesn't think Romo will follow his advice and it certainly seems that way with the 36-year-old reportedly interested in an off-season move to the Broncos. 

Theismann went on to reveal that he told Romo: "I don't think you should play anymore. I worry about you as Tony Romo the man. You have nothing to prove to anyone. You're a warrior's warrior."

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Much of the ex-Redskins signal caller's concern centred around Romo's long term health and we went on to say: "I want to see him enjoy his life. I don't want to see him hurt to a point that he can't enjoy life after football because most of us when we're in the game don't think that there's a life after it. Then you find out, 'Oh my god, I have another 60-70 years of my life ahead of me.'"

The door seems to be shutting on Romo's 13 year stay in Dallas, unless something miraculous were to happen to Day Prescott's play or he were to get injured, and the jury is out on what his next move should, and will be. 

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